Thursday, March 5

Ten Seinfeld Girlfriends that went on to be Famous

Have been watching a lot of Seinfeld, here are some actresses that were already famous or later became notable.

 Kristin Davis
She played Jenna, who Jerry dumped her toothbrush in a toilet. She later dated Bania. She went on to play Charolette in the Sex and the City shows and films.

Marguerite MacIntyre
She played Karen, Miss Rhode Isalnd, who dated Jerry but then Kramer helped out. She later played the mom in Kyle XY.

Brenda Strong
She played Eileen's rival Sue Ellen Michke. She went on to play the narrator in "Desperate Housewives." 

Christine Taylor
She played Ellen, who nobody liked except for Jerry's parents. She is best known as Ben Stiller's wife but is also known for Dodgeball and Zoolander. 

 Teri Hatcher
She played Sidra, who Eilane had to check if her breasts were real. She played Lois in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and then Desperate Housewives.

Amanda Peet
She played Linette who had another boyfriend. She went on to be in The Whole Nine Yards, The Good Wife and other shows and movies.

Catherine Keener
She played Nina the artist. She went on to be in movies like the 40 Year-Old Virgin and Being John Malkevoich.
Marlee Matlin
She played Laura, the deaf ball girl. She is the most famous deaf actress in the world.
Janeane Garofalo
She played Jeanine, who was briefly engaged to Jerry. She is a famous comedienne.

Kim Myers
She played the girlfriend Lisa Webber in the homoerotic Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and was in "The Pretender." She played Pam in the episode "Soul Mate" of "Seinfeld." Jerry wasn't 'gaga' for her. Kramer was.