Thursday, March 5

8 Seinfeld Girlfriends that went on to be or were in in Sitcoms

Been watching Seinfeld and Jerry had a lot of girlfriends. Here are a couple who were on sitcoms or went on to be in sitcoms. 
Courtney Cox
She played Meryl, Jerry's fake wife. She went on to play Monica in "Friends" and lead "Cougartown."

 Debra Messing
Played Beth Lukner, who Jerry was 'waiting' out of a relationship. She went on to play Grace in "Will & Grace."

Jennifer Coolidge
She went on to be Stifler's Mom and be in Christopher Guest movies but first she played Jodi, the masseuse. She now is in the sitcom "2 Broke Girls." 

Jane Leeves
She played Marla the virgin but she went on to play Daphne in "Frasier" and "Hot in Cleveland."

Jami Gertz
She played Jane who had a quirk about toilet paper and ended being a sex phone operator. She later played a mom in the ABC short-lived sitcom "Neighbors." 

Lori Loughlin
Best known as Rebecca Donaldson on "Full House," she played Patty, who challenged Jerry to have emotions.

Jessica Lundy
She might be that recognizable but she was in a couple canceled sitcoms like Hope & Gloria, The Second Half and Some of My Best friends. She played Naomi, who had a strange laugh.

Alexandra Wentworth
She played Shiela who called Jerry "Schnoopie." She wasn't exactly in a sitcom, she was in "In Living Color." She was also in a sitcom called "Head Case" and also on "The View" as a Guest Host.