Thursday, March 5

Ten Hottest Elaine's Boyfriends on Seinfeld

Like Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld, Elaine had handsome boyfriends too. Here are the most recognizable actors. I am watching a lot of Seinfeld lately.
10. Keith Hernandez
Former Major League Baseball player appeared in two episodes called "The Boyfriend."
9. Tim DeKay
He played Kevin, the Bizarro-Seinfeld, who appeared in two episodes in season 8. Tim DeKay did not really become famous until "White Collar" on USA network.
8. Judge Reinhold
Best known for the Beverly Hill Cops movies, Santa Clause, and various other films, he played Aaron who was too attached to Jerry's parents which he was nominated for an Emmy for.

7. James Patrick Stuart
He was a child actor, he was in various shows like Galactica 1980, also "All My Children," CSI, 90210, and Supernatural. He also provides voices for Monsters Vs Aliens, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Winx Club. He played Brett, who became silent when he heard the song "Desperado."

6. Bryan Cranston
Best known for Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle, he played the newly Jewish dentist Tim Whatley before all of that.


5. Dan Cortese
He got his biggest break on MTV. He played Tony in season 5, a "Mimbo" (male Bimbo) that got injured. He has also been in Veronica's Closet and What I like about you.
4. Cary Elwes
The hunky British Cary Elwes in "Princess Bride" played David Lukner in season 7 who was already married but Elaine was 'waiting out.'

3. David James Elliott
He played Carl in Season 6, who she thought was perfect until he told her he was Pro-Life. He was most famous for headlining his own show "J.A.G."
2. Scott Patterson
Better known as Luke on "The Gilmore Girls," he played Billy in season 7. Elaine wanted to know if he was "Spongeworthy." Looking at the picture below he is definitely Spongeworthy.
 1. Patrick Warburton
He is the most known of her boyfriends, David Puddy, they had an on-and-off again relationship. He went on to provide the voice of David Puddy on "Family Guy" and be on shows like The Tick and The Rules of Engagement. He also voiced Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove.