Friday, January 9

Same Network Same Night Crossovers

What I am talking about here is crossovers between shows that happened on the same night and same network. This mostly happened on ABC and NBC. I am referring to crossovers that had a story plot or gimmick that went through the episodes through the night, not an isolated crossover in one episode (like the recent Simpsons/Family Guy episode that was just a Family Guy episode). Also not counting little crossover cameos without a story thread on the same ep. This was mostly done with shows hat had the same producers.
NBC's Hurricane Sunday (1991)
Susan Harris had three shows on Saturday night in 1991: "Golden Girls", "Empty Nest" and "Nurses." All shows were set in Miami and a Hurricane occurred. "Golden Girls" was a two-parter and Carol appears in one of the two episodes dating Stan's therapist. Sophia Petrillo was featured in the "Empty Next" episode. On "Nurses," Rose Nylund and Laverne Todd from Empty Nest were featured.

NBC's Blackout Thursday (1994)
On the night of November 3, 1994, 'Friends,' 'Mad About You' and 'Madman of the People' all had a blackout in New York but none of the characters crossover on the show, just the blackout. This was the first season of Friends and Madman lasted one show. Though characters of Mad About You did appear on Friends and confusing Phoebe for her sister Ursula as Lisa Kudrow played both characters. These shows had different producers.

NBC's Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street (1996-1997)
On Feb 2, 1996 Law and Order's "Charm City" season 6, episode 13 and Homicide's "For God and Country" season 4, episode 12 were interconnected. Then on November 12, 1997, Law & Order's "Baby, It's You" season eight, episode 6 and Homicide: "Baby, It's You (2)" season 6, episode 5. Finally, February 17th, 1999 saw Law & Order's "Sideshow" season nine, episode 14 & Homicide: "Sideshow (2)" season 7, episode 15
 ABC'S TGIF Time Event (1997)
The night of November 7, the four shows "Boy Meets World," "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," and two sitcoms that newly premiered that season and were canceled the next--the 'I dream of Jeannie' gender-swap "You Wish" and the 'male' Sabrina "Teen Angel." The thread was that Salem the cat ate a 'time ball' and took the different sitcoms through different times. The last show of the night "Teen Angel" actually had Melissa Joan Hart in it and guest star. Many people are confused when seeing "Boy Meets World" in syndication and see Salem and not understand why. Sabrina the Teenage Witch went to the 60's. Boy Meets World was swept into the 40's, You Wish to the 60's and Teen Angel to the 70's. Some of these shows had different producers.

NBC's The Pretender and Profiler (1999)
Five years after Susan Harris' comedies were over, Saturday night was the night for The Pretender and Profiler. On May 18, "The Pretender" Season 3 episode "End Game" and  Profiler's Season 3, ep 19 -"Grand Master". Pretender's Season 4 ep "Spin Doctor" lead to Profiler's "Clean Sweep." And Profiler's "Pianissimo" had a cameo from a Pretender character.
The WB's Buffy and Angel Crossovers (1999-2000)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) had various crossovers with Angel (1999-2004) like "The Harsh Light of Day" (season 4 of Buffy) and "In the Dark" (Angel season 1) on the same night of October 19, 1999. November 23rd had "Pangs" of Buffy and "I will Remember You" on Angel. Faith crossovered from Buffy episode "Who are you?" to Angel episode "Five by Five" but not on the same night. Buffy appeared on "Sanctuary" and then Angel in "The Yoko Factor" but not on the same night. The WB would not do a same night event until November 14, 2000 that had the episodes "Fool For Love" (season 5 of Buffy) and "Darla." (season 2 of Angel) Other characters like Drusilla, Harmony and Willow would crossover but it wasn't the same night nor a main storyline. Buffy moved to UPN for season 6 and there was no more crossovers until season 4 of Angel and Buffy season 7 but I will cover that in the next post. Both shows were produced by Joss Whedon.
ABC's 2009 Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice Crossover Event
After the success of Addison returning to Seattle for an ep, the idea of a big crossover between the 2 shows was created. Both the creative forces behind the series and the network wanted to produce. The fourth crossover was marketed as the "Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Crossover Event" by ABC. It was the episodes : Beat Your Heart Out (GA), Acceptance (PP), Before and After (GA), Ex-Life (PP), and An Honest Mistake (GA). Both shows had the same producer.
Fox's Seth Macfarlane's Night of the Hurricane
The event depicts a hurricane which hits the towns of Stoolbend (The Cleveland Show), Quahog (Family Guy) and Langley Falls (American Dad). The "Night of the Hurricane" block is similar to the NBC "Hurricane Saturday" block with three series created by Susan Harris—The Golden Girls, Empty Nest and Nurses. It was originally scheduled to air on May 1, 2011, but was delayed after the April 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak. It ultimately aired on October 2, 2011.

The CW's "The Brave and the Bold" Crossover Event
Even though Barry/The Flash has originated on "Arrow" (two episodes), there was recently a crossover between the two shows. Also Felicity has guest starred in 2 episodes so far. On December 3, 2014, The Flash's "Flash Vs Arrow" and Arrow's "The Brave and the Bold." Also Grant Gustin appeared on "The Calm" in October.