Sunday, January 18

Disney has always cut corners

People have complained that female characters of Tangled and Frozen look a like and that minor characters in Frozen are the same people in different dresses but this isn't the first time Disney has cut corners. Disney has always recycled models and animation.

Beauty and the Beast
At the beginning we see a forest, the forest animals were recycled from Bambi. At the end, the dancing animation cycle of Beauty and her prince was recycled from Sleeping Beauty, you can tell by the Prince's sudden body change. This was done because they ran out of money.
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland used animation from Pinocchio (fish underwater) and Bambi (blue bird on branch).
 101 Dalmatians
They reused animation of the cat from Cinderella, a woman walking from a short and an outdoor building from Peter Pan.
 Sword in the Stone
They reused a dummy getting hit on the head from 101 Dalmatians, animals from Bambi, a boulder from a short, a man on a sword with shield from Sleeping Beauty, Jousters from a short called The Truth about Mother Goose and the tiger from short Tiger Trouble.
 Robin Hood
They reused a lot of animation like Mary clapping to dancing was taken from Snow White, Baloo dancing in Jungle Book became the bear Little John dancing in Robin Hood and the Aristocats dancing was also used for the Merry Men dancing.
Pocahontas as under production during the same time as the Lion King. Pocahontas was released after Lion King. The staff thought Pocahontas would do better. These feathers and things flying in the air were reused, it is hard to tell which came first.

 Princess and the Frog
Believe it or not, maybe it was a homage and not the original animation but the alligator did a similar move as the witch in Sword in the Stone.
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