Friday, January 16

Giving another chance to Blackish

ABC has a new sitcom with Anthony Anderson called "Blackish," when I first heard of it, I thought it had an offensive title. I just didn't like the title. I am Guatemalan-American but grew up in urban Allapattah and grew up with the African-American community. Blackish wasn't meant to be an offensive title but it sounded garish to me. And the promos for the show didn't look funny, just looked like a smug guy, silly wife and obnoxious children. But watching already a couple episodes, the show revels in the obnoxious children. It is not only a funny show, it is smart too. Last episode had to do with Martin Lurther King Jr day and the disconnect children have these days with the legend. Reminds me of my nephew who came home yesterday telling me he learned at school that the President King died in a book. Anyway, I do find Anderson's voice in the narration annoying at times and the wife is a pushover, I wish she was a stronger character. Even though the show promoted Lawrence Fishbourne, he is only in a  couple episodes.