Monday, August 4

Every Witch Way Season 2 Once Upon A Spell

UPDATED 8/9/14 9:30 AM EST
Tonight instead of a new episode, we got a catchup episode playing clips of the past episodes of Season 2. Also a preview of upcoming episodes of this week. Here are the clips and some things the narrator said.

Jax and Magic Hiding 
"We are going to get you ready," the narrator says. A montage of spells and teleporting. Then the opening sequence plays. "The biggest story at Iridium High is the new bad boy on campus named Jax." We see Jax come in on his motorbike. Francisco talks to Jax in the principal's office and Jax meets Emma. Then we skip to when Jax says he is a wizard to Emma and explodes 'goo' on her. Cut to Francisco liking him at Emma' house and Danny sees this in the window---and he tells Emma the next day at school prompting Andi to call him a stalker.  "Stuck between two heartthrobs, Emma's life is more complicated then ever." Cut to Jax and Danny fighting with bread backstage. Cut to Emma hiding her powers from Daniel and her lying to him in her room about the goo.
Maddie's powers and the Council
MEANWHILE Maddie lost her powers and Diego 'was happy to help.' Cut to Diego making a conduit scrap ball of metal and Maddie gaining her powers again. Then the Panthers dance and she turns her shoes to cheese. "IN OTHER NEWS..." The Witches' Council come out of lockers and go to her house to tell her she can't date a human boy. She refuses in the clinic. They threaten to take the powers. Andi is for keeping the power. CUT to the Fool Moon. Desdemona explains it and then we see it change her. "An evil plot is revealed," the narrator says. First she has to make Emma lose her powers. Desdemona plots to get Danny and Emma back together so she will lose her powers. "Almost everyone is up to something," the narrator says.
Everyone's Agendas and Gigi's a Minion
Ursula makes a love pie for Francisco and Jax causes mischief with Daniel in detention (making him draw bad pics of Francisco, etc.). Later, Daniel suspects magic and Emma denies it. Daniel thinks there is another witch around. "Daniel is more danger than he knows," the narrator says. Gigi is about to reveal about magic and Desdemona stops her and makes her a minion. After the commercial break, we see Jax causing trouble. "Maddie is mad," the narrator says. Jax makes Maddie bounce like a bunny.
Siberia, Jealous Panthers, German Danny and Zombies
"The council keeps pressuring Emma." The Council sends Andi and Emma to Siberia. "And of course, there is the terrible three." We see T3 pull a fish prank on Jax. Then cut to Diego cheering up Maddie with chocolate and unicorns. "It has the Panthers acting catty." We see Diego attacked by the Panthers (Katie and Sophie). "Daniel on the other hand, isn't acting himself either." Jax makes Daniel forget who he is and convince him he is German. "Dat is gut," Danny said. "In the meantime, Andi gets sucked into her favorite video game," Narrator says cutting to the last ep "Zombie Boyfriend" where Philip the zombie is brought out of the game. Cut to the Panthers meeting Philip.
Clones and Stormageddon
Jax shows Emma the cloning spell and she makes Evil Emma. "Why are you being so mean?" "Don't ask me. I'm you so ask yourself," Evil Emma says. Cut to Jax and Evil Emma kissing at 7. "For the first time in my life, I feel alive," she tells Jax. Andi catches them. "Then Daniel finally discovers the truth." Cut to Danny seeing five Emmas at Emma's house. Emma reveals she has magic and Daniel freaks out. He gets mad at Andi for not telling him either. "You have been lying to me for months. I'm breaking up with you," Daniel says. Later, Evil Emma tells Emma "You're welcome." Cut to Desdemona. "Desdemona still needs for Emma to lose her powers." the narrator says. Cut to Gigi sending a fake text to Danny and Emma. Desdemona makes the storm to trap Emma and Danny in the school but traps her and Jax.
Jax loses his powers
Cut to Maddie and Danny hanging at his house. Then we see Emma and Jax kiss in the principal office and Desdemona freaking out about it. Maddie and Danny talk, Maddie defends Emma. Jax reveals about the clones and Desdemona hears this. Desdi then reveals this to the council. Jax takes the wrap for it and his powers are taken, Emma teleported away. Cut to Jax and Emma meeting in the hallway. She hugs him and Daniel sees this. Jax and Emma kiss after her thanking him for sacrificing his powers. "Emma and I are meant to be," Danny says in a scene between him and Jax. They mention things they did for Emma at the backstage. Cut to Desdemona and she makes all girls fall for Danny to make Emma jealous. Cut to T3's pranks. "Now you are caught up on every thing. Stay tuned for clips for the final week," narrator says (paraphrase).

The following is descriptions of the clips.
The narrator says: "There's so much more action, enhancement, and funny still to come on Every Witch Way."
- Sophie in goo jumps on Desdemona. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Desdemona makes snakes appear in the clinic. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Half of Desdemona's hair is black and curly. "My hair!" ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Andi, Philip, Emma and Jax dance at the 7.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- A statue like Desdemona makes a spell and teleports away ("Emma vs. Emma")
- "Save the Magic Realm from Destruction," Ursula says with her arms in the air. ("The Abyss")
- "Jax still doesn't have his powers but he has plenty of plans." Jax tells Emma he wants to get his powers back and 'push the magical boundaries' which Emma doesn't want. "Just want to be a regular old witch?" "Is that what you think of me?"  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Philip cleans Andi's face at 7. "Andi Pretty" ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- In the Janitor's closet, Andi, Philip, Danny, Gigi and Francisco are gathered. Philip attacks Francisco. Danny stops Philip.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Maddie mocks Philip in the hallway and is almost attacked as well.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Cut to Danny chastising Andi. "Philip almost ate Maddie's brain." Andi quips. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
 More clips:
 - Narrator says: "Agamemnon is on to Desdemona." They fight in the clinic. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- "Desdemona is getting anyone who can stop her out of the way," Agamemnon says inside the Abyss. ("BF-Never")
- Desdemona blasts at Jax and he dodges it in the hallway.  ("BF-Never")
- Desdemona writes something in a book in the clinic about getting rid of all witches.
- Cut to Agamemnon in the clinic saying he has to stop her.  ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Narrator says: "Will Maddie and Diego go public?" Maddie talks about keeping it a secret. ("BF-Never")
- Cut to Andi taking her stuff out of her locker. "Could Andi and Emma's friendship be over?" "I'm not your sidekick anymore," Andi says to Emma in the clinic. (Doesn't anybody ever get sick?) ("BF-Never")
- Back at Maddie's house, Diego opens a portal. "Diego discovers a new power." Katie thinks it is a black hole or holding the space-time continuum. ("BF-Never")
- CUt to Evil Emma and Danny at a dock. Real Emma comes and Evil Emma sends them to the Abyss, where she was sent to.  ("The Abyss")
- Andi asks Evil Emma what she did with her. Jax is by Evil Emma's side. She tells her she sent her to the Abyss. "She can't get in my way when I destroy the Magic Realm." ("The Abyss")
- Cut to: Desdemona, Evil Emma and Jax in the clinic. Evil Emma joins Desdemona. ("The Abyss")

Rapid clips:
- We see Danny teleport back to the dock at night. ("Emma vs. Emma")
- Andi and Jax teleport in from a portal at the lockers. ("The Abyss")
- Maddie changes a dog into a boy for Katie. Sophie also has a dog. ("Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree")
- Emma and  Danny in the Abyss (looks like where all old spells go). "We get squashed by a giant trash compacter?"  ("The Abyss")
- Danny and Emma almost kiss.  ("The Abyss")