Thursday, August 7

Every Witch Way - Season 2 Final Week Review

This is a review of Season 2 episodes that aired Tuesday to Thursday August 5th to 7th. The one hour finale will have its own post on Friday after it airs Eastern Standard Time. Remember Danny = Daniel, Agie = Agamemnon, Bad Emma = B.E. and Desdi = Desdemona

"Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree"
At 7, Jax, Emma, Andi and Philip eat pizza and discuss Danny getting foamed. Phillip asks Andi to dance and everyone joins in zombie dancing. Jax says when he gets his powers back he wants to use it to make his friends happy and Emma says she will help him get them back. Danny and Sophie enter and everyone claps (due to their performance in Romeo and Juliet). Emma excuses herself to talk to Danny, Jax says outloud to himself that "Danny will be 'no problem' once I get my powers back.. ever again." (paraphrase) After the opening and commercials, Diego moves behind plants at Maddie's house and Ursula comes in curlers and Maddie hides Diego from her. Ursula thinks it is a skunk and runs out. Maddie goes after her. At school, Philip is popular with the kids and Andi scares off girls from him. Jax and Emma arrive and Jax tries a handshake with him. Philip goes to his locker. Emma says people might notice he is a zombie and he tries biting Emma's hair.

Andi defends Philip and leaves. Jax suggests to use a memory erasing spell, Emma is not for it. He wants to push magic boundaries when he gets them back and suggests she will be boring. She gets mad and leaves. He goes after her. Gigi calls Desdi and has big news for her. Agie teleports behind Gigi without her knowing and listens in to Gigi saying that Emma wants to get Jax's powers back. Gigi hangs up and leaves. Agie talks to himself and runs away. Elsewhere, Maddie moons over Diego--who get pelted with hot curlers by Ursula. Katie and Sophie bump into them. Katie wants to skip. Boys text Sophie, crazy about her and she gets flowers. Meanwhile, Agie follows Gigi (hilarious in the small brightly lit set) and he sees she is under a spell. He teleports out. Later, Philip and Andi play around in the hallway (same hallway) and bump into the Panthers. Danny intervenes when they are dissing. Maddie mocks Philip and he tries to bite her, Danny takes him away.

Danny, Andi and Philip enter Gigi's janitor closet and the camera is rolling. Andi is angry at Danny. Gigi wants an interview with Philip and Andi. Andi is for the interview. Gigi puts a bright light and Philip gets hostile. Danny takes him away. Andi takes Gigi's phone. Meanwhile, Emma and Jax are by their lockers putting on safety goggles. Jax hasn't done his homework and she chastises him and he tries being a cutie. He makes her use magic to finish it and they high five. She wants to take it back. Back at the cafeteria, Andi and Danny discuss the Philip issue. Danny thinks it is best to send him back. Philip sits next to them. The Panthers arrive, teasing, making Andi angry. Philip goes after Maddie's brains, Danny, Philip and Andi leave. Danny chastises Andi, she says he was doing them a favor. Philip goes into the janitor closet. Danny and Andi go after him. Ursula calls Maddie, she wants to know who is next to her, they hide Diego. Katie blackmails Maddie to make her a boyfriend. In the janitor closet, Gigi and Francisco arrive, asking for her phone back. 

Philip is about to attack, Andi returns the phone. Gigi puts the light on and Philip attacks Francisco. Francisco says Philip is suspended and makes Danny take him outside and calls Danny a slacker. At the clinic, Agie enters and looks through Desdi's things, finding Ramona's shoe. He casts a spell and see Desdi sending Ramona away the second time. He realizes Desdi is the Big Bad. He says he has to stop her. Later at Danny's, Danny and Philip play video games. Andi arrives.  Danny tries convincing her to go back into the game. Andi defends him. Andi takes him to 7. Danny goes to Emma's and discusses returning Philip. Jax is on the couch. (funny enough he doesn't mention Philip getting expelled by his dad) Emma and Danny head to the 7, Jax follows. At Maddie's, Katie and Sophie enter with three dogs to Maddie and Diego. Katie is not sure which dog. Maddie makes the dog into a boy and he follows Katie. Katie changes her mind. Maddie says she will stay with the dog boyfriend (Howard) for the rest of the day as a punishment for blackmailing her. 
Meanwhile at 7, Philip and Andi are happy when Jax, Emma and Danny arrive. Emma is mad that Philip tried eating her dad. Andi is short on money and wants it from her 'partner' Jax. Jax says he thought Andi was not for it. Andi says she has reconsidered it ("Money, now.") Philip goes after Gigi and Danny stops him. People run, Sophie comes in with Howard. Katie, Maddie and Diego arrive. Andi pushes Howard away. Just the main cast is left in the 7. The group conflicts. Andi asks Diego which side he is on, he says he doesn't know. Howard bumps Sophie who bumps into Andi. Philip attacks Sophie. Danny pulls him away, Philip gets free and goes after Emma and Emma sends Philip back into the game. Emma checks on Danny, he's fine. Andi is fighting with Katie when she notices Philip is gone. Andi looks for him and asks Emma what she did and is mad at her. Emma says she had to. Andi says she is hurt and exits. 

Later at the dock Emma is alone and Danny arrives. Danny felt bad about Andi and went there as it is their spot. Back at the clinic, 247 spells and Agie has failed in bringing Lily back from Limbo. Desdi teleports in and says it is no use. Agie says she is an ex-council member and is about to send her away when they have a magic battle. She gets half of her hair fried and she sends him away to the Abyss.

Guests: Agamemnon, Desdemona, Francisco, Philip, Ursula
Not Present: Ramona, Lily, Danny's mom, T3

"Best Friends Never"
Emma and Danny are at the dock. He quotes his mom, that the right thing doesn't always feel good. Emma can't get a hold of Jax. Danny says maybe he is busy. Emma says he is never too busy for her. At the school, Jax tries opening the lockers leading to the Council. He tries prying them open when Desdi arrives, asking what he thinks he is doing. Agie is dumped in the Abyss by Desdi and bumps into "Emma" but it is actually Evil Emma but he doesn't know this. She pretends to be the Real Emma. B.E. asks what is going on. Agie explains Desdi's plan. The Abyss is where all lost things land. B.E. has been trying for days (since she was banished) to get out. Agie lost his key to the door so the key must be in the Abyss. They must search for the key. Back with Desdi and Jax, Jax says he was working out. Desdi knows he was entering to the council. Jax denies it.

Desdi figures out he wants her powers back. She blasts at him and he dodges it. She says the last light is hers. He denies it. Gigi arrives. Jax runs off. Desdi is mad at Gigi. Meanwhile at Maddie's house, Maddie is alone. Diego doesn't like sneaking around. Maddie thinks it is romantic. Before they go to school, Diego has been training and shows his new tricks. Diego finds he can create portals (holding his morphing ability) and Maddie uses it as a trash can. She wants to dump Andi, Emma and Jax inside. Diego says it drains him if he keeps it open too long. In Limbo, Lily is trapped along with Ramona. Ramona tries escaping but it is no use. She escaped last time because of the storm. They receive a balled up paper that Lily tries decrypting. Then at school, Andi is moving lockers. Emma says Philip was dangerous. Andi says Jax is dangerous too. Andi leaves in a  huff. Jax arrives and says she should've kept Philip and makes jokes, which Emma isn't thrilled about. Jax figured out how to get his powers back by proving himself worthy to the Council or break into the council to get them back. Jax makes her feel bad that he lost his powers for her. She says he doesn't let her forget that. She leaves in a huff.

Danny and Diego talk in the locker room talk about getting Emma back. Danny has to figure out his next move. Diego thinks he is moving too slowly. In the Cafeteria, Emma sits where Andi is and Andi leaves. Panthers believe they were fighting. Maddie says Andi is stubborn and that their friendship is over. Emma finds Andi in the clinic, looking for the magic mobile phone. Emma asks Andi if Desdi was acting weird, she was tough at them at gym and growled at Emma in the hallway. Emma wants to spy on Andi, Andi is not laughing and somber. Andi says she is not her sidekick anymore and leaves the room. Emma gets the phone and calls Lily but there is just a beeping noise. Meanwhile at Jax's bedroom, he gets a laptop message from his dad (just voice)--which seems he is in Australia. He was suppose 'to get his hooks on the Chosen One.' He has be ready for the last light to take over the world. Jax's dad says he and Jax's sisters will enter the Bunker soon. Jax looks at his phone but his dad makes it disappear. They talk about a bunker, he has to be inside and be safe. His dad tells him push Emma into the realm.

Back at the Abyss, once a month it crushes everything. Evil Emma and Agie have to hurry. Back at Maddie's house, Sophie and Katie talk about how strange it is Maddie is doing homework. Ursula comes in and Diego hides. Ursula is happy Maddie is reading and eats a banana. She says she'll be back with a camera. She says something smells rotten, Maddie says it is Katie. Sophie hides the door Diego is in. Ursula thinks Sophie puts eggs in her hair and leaves. Jax knocks Emma's house and apologizes with flowers (he ripped out of her yard) that he claims he got them from a vending machine. He wrote an essay to plead his way to the council, he wants to know where the entrance is. Emma says yes. They go. Meanwhile, Katie laughs that Kanays smell like rotten eggs to witches, Maddie says no.

Maddie wants Diego to show his new power and he pushes the Panthers away and  creates a portal. Katie says it is a black hole. They use it as a trash can. In the Limbo, more junk fall in. So the portal leads to the Limbo. Lily sees that there is a portal between the two worlds. Lily thinks Diego is their way out, she writes up an S.O.S. note. Meanwhile at the school, Emma, Jax and Hex open the locker room portal to the Council. Hex fights with Jax. Emma enters and the lockers close. Emma returns and says there is nobody there. Jax wants to grab the powers. He asks if doors open when she gets close. Emma says the Hex told Andi how to open. Jax thinks Andi might tell other people. Emma leaves. Jax tries entering but the door closes. Jax says for her zombie boyfriend she would.

Evil Emma (B.E.) drops some new keys with old keys but Agie manages to open the door to get out the Abyss. B.E. and Agie end up in the hallway. Agie wants to get Lily out of limbo. Emma asks how you send someone to limbo. He says you picture a dark gray blob of nothing. Evil Emma says she can't wait to send Emma back. Agie figures out she is a clone. B.E. even calls him "Agie" like he does.

Guests: Desdemona, Agamnemon, Lily, Ramona, Ursula, Jax's dad (voice)
Not Present: Daniel's mom, T3 (and Desdemona, Danny and Gigi only have one or two scene each)

"The Abyss"
Agie is afraid of B.E., he says she is evil. She laughs. B.E. wants to destroy the realm of magic herself, she sends Agie to Limbo. Meanwhile, Ramona throws a note that Lily made and they get it back along with Agie. Agie apologizes to Lily for sending her there. He wonders who is guarding the realm. All three say "Oh no." At school, Evil Emma sees Jax but Jax spotted the real Emma. Evil Emma hides behind lockers. Jax says he is learning to do things with magic and it seems Emma doesn't care. Emma says she has other things on her mind, like loosing Andi. Jax leaves. Daniel and Emma bump into each other. Daniel tells Emma he told Andi it was his fault that he told Emma to get rid of Philip. They agree to meet each other at 4. Emma leaves. B.E. changes to look like good Emma and changes the time to 3:30 with Danny. At Maddie's, Diego and the Panthers play with the portal. A message is thrown to them and Sophie breaks it. Diego puts it back together, it is S.O.S. from Lily. Sophie thinks it is aliens.

 At the 7, Emma is sitting by herself and Jax comes to her and asks to go to the Council and get his powers. Emma says she's been thinking, that their relationship is not working out. She realizes that he likes her being impulsive, that it is not really her. Gigi makes her spying too apparent. Jax says he likes she is responsible and says he knows he has been selfish lately. She made up her mind and wants to be friends and she leaves. At the dock, B.E. meets Daniel who gives her flowers. She doesn't like them and fakes liking them (sort of). Danny apologizes for breaking up with her. B.E. imitates his face when he saw the clones. B.E. laughed and says she thought she could be good for at least a day but she couldn't. Real Emma arrives. B.E. sends Danny and Emma to the Abyss. Meanwhile, Andi bumps into Jax at 7. Andi says it better not about Emma. Jax says she will be in danger, he wants to help her and wants to steal his powers back. Jax says they are both mad at Emma, he wants her to help get his powers back and he will help her get Philip back. She says she'll blackmail him if he double-crosses her.

Back at Maddie's, Ursula wants Diego to leave but they tell him about the message. She reads that Desdi sent the Council to the Limbo. She says it is her chance to prove herself and save the magic realm and leaves to shop for a savior outfit. Later at 7, Desdi wants to find Emma and talks to Gigi. Desdi has a plan B. Gigi says if they have a deal, that she wants to be the most famous journalist. Gigi asks the internet where Emma is. Andi opens the portal to the Council for Jax but he must be fast. Danny and Emma struggle through the Abyss for a way out. Emma tries using magic but it doesn't work. The walls start contracting. Danny looks for something to break the door lock. They try a surf board and it stops the walls for a bit. They hug. Back with Andi, the doors are closing and Jax is helped out and the doors close. Andi accidently drops his powers and manages to catch it. He struggles to open it. Andi teases and she pops it open.

He pours it out and it makes a blue mist. He makes her quiet with her powers. Back at Maddie's, Ursula returns with a strange green and gold outfit. Maddie says the Magic Realm is a stake and who cares about fashion. Ursula cries and exits. Diego says he likes it. Maddie reads a book and reads all wizards will disappear. Diego calls Emma. Maddie says her powers are flawless, Katie brings up her faults. Back at the school, Jax turns Andi's tools to cupcakes and tries making jokes, she is not amused. B.E. arrives and asks why she wasn't asked. Jax says they broke up. B.E. says she wouldn't do that. B.E. tells them she sent Agie to Limbo. Jax figures it is "E" and B.E. explains what happened. Jax and B.E. hugs. Andi is about to leave. B.E. tells them that she sent Emma and Danny to the Abyss. B.E. tries sending Andi too and the Hex flies in and defends Andi. Andi and Hex hide from Desdi and Gigi in the cafeteria. Desdi says they need another council member to take away Emma's powers. Andi hears this plan (I don't think she knew Desdi was evil yet).

At the clinic, Jax says he's happy that B.E. is back and she has his jacket. He says his dad's plan was to destroy the realm, that was why he was with Emma. B.E. gets jealous that he was with the original Emma. He tells her now. B.E. asks if his dad will be okay with them together. He says he has to do as they say. B.E. and Jax team up. Danny and Emma are bored in the Abyss. Emma apologizes he got dragged into this. He is stuck there because of magic. He says he is afraid of the magical threats, not the magic, that he can't protect her. She says it doesn't matter. They stand up, they care for each other and they kiss. Back at the clinic, Desdi and Gigi enter to Jax and B.E. Gigi says to get rid of Jax and B.E. Jax Junior stops Desdi from doing so. Gigi climbs up on Jax Jr. Desdi sends Junior away. Jax says he will get rid of Gigi. Desdi says he doesn't have powers. Jax frees Gigi from the spell and B.E. closes the door on her. B.E. tells Desdi they will talk about the last light, Jax and B.E. wants to join Desdi. She will give her the real Emma.

Guests: Ramona, Lily, Agamemnon, Desdemona, Ursula
Not Present: Daniel's mom, Francisco, T3

In the episode "BF-Never," I like how a lot of the characters are trapped in different places. Agamemnon and Evil Emma trapped in the Abyss and Ramona and Lily in Limbo. I wish there was more of the Ramona and Lily scenes. Lily mentioned knowing Maddie and Diego are boyfriend and girlfriend but since they have been hiding it and Lily has been M.I.A. for most of the season, I am surprised she even knows. We finally see Jax's bedroom and hear Jax's dad in this episode. It is confusing that Jax lives in Miami but his dad doesn't. It seems that Jax has sisters, I guess Jax's dad picked Jax to sway Emma instead of his sisters. Also as for Philip, the actor playing him did a decent job as a zombie with a heart for Andi, the two of them had chemistry. It was a strange detour to the main story but I guess it was needed to put Andi and Emma at odds. Will Philip return in Season 3?

In "The Abyss," funny how Jax promised Andi to bring back Philip and she didn't ask for it once he got his powers up. Of course, Evil Emma came but there was like two minutes in between. Evil Emma's motives are made clear rather fast but she didn't really give her reasons to wanting to be the only witch left. I do like how the Panthers were researching on how to stop Desdemona and free the Council. What confused me was Jax's dad's motives, that Jax was supposedly sent to charm Emma but it didn't really seem so the first two weeks of Season two. And Emma and Jax's conflicts didn't seem organic when watching it once a day but seeing it back to back, you can see how they don't really click. Danny and Emma have a natural easiness to their relationship. After Jax joins forces with B.E., it is hard to tell his alliance and feelings for the real Emma and Andi. By the way, S.O.S. means "Save our Ship," used by ships in the olden days. And I like Andi and Hex's relationship.