Sunday, August 10

Every Witch Way - Season 2 - Finale Review

"Emma vs. Emma"
Last episode Evil Emma wanted to join Desdemona and give her the 'real Emma.' She says she'll destroy Desdemona, Desdemona laughs and calls her 'goody-two shoes.' Jax says they are stronger as a group. Desdemona says she doesn't do groups, she throws snakes a them. Jax tries escaping but Desdemona puts a lock on it. Jax moans as snakes get on him. Desdi said she would fill the room with snakes.. but it is just a clump of snakes. Outside of the clinic, Gigi makes sense of the whole thing, she wants revenge on Desdemona and sees snakes and runs off. Jax keep complaining. Desdemona talks about Emma's mom and says she will turn her into a cookie. Evil Emma says she wants to join her. Jax pleads for help. Evil Emma says, "Quit your complaining, they are just snakes." And just like that, Evil Emma makes the snakes disappear.
Desdemona is about to do a spell but Evil Emma smacks a magic thing on Desdi's hand on the wall. Desdemona says she is not the Emma she knows. Evil Emma clarifies it and Desdemona FINALLY figures out she is a clone. (Sigh, how stupid is Desdemona?) Evil Emma wants to know how to merge the two lights. Desdemona asks what if she says no. Evil Emma asks "Can ONE council member defeat TWO chosen ones?" At the dock, Andi tells Hex that she messed up. Hex drags her to get help from Maddie against her will. Her plan was to get her guardian belt and bust out Danny and Emma. Back at the Abyss, Emma asks if the surf board will hold and the walls start moving again. The board breaks. Back at the Limbo, food is dropped to the Council Members Ramona, Lily and Agamemnon. They get a note from Diego that he will hold the portal open. If the portal closes halfway through, they will end up in the Limbo of Limbos which you can not escape from.
Meanwhile at Maddie, Andi begrudgingly asks Maddie for help. Maddie says why help Emma and Hex almost bites her. Katie says they need more witches and that Maddie will be the leader. Andi is coaxed to flatter her. Andi owes Maddie though. Hex glows and they need copper, wax, silver and a key and they run off to the T3 who have to have it. Then at Emma's house, Francisco (how Evil Emma refers to him) offers E and Jax dinner and E freezes him. Jax is a little scared of her. She says in 24 hours SHE will rule the world. Jax corrects her with "WE." He thinks Desdemona will double cross them. Evil Emma says they will double cross for. Later at T3's room, they make a key with a machine and they say will make it in 12 hours. They leave for dinner. Maddie hurries the process and it blows up on Sophie, Andi, Maddie and Katie. They find the key on Sophie. Maddie sends Sophie to the Abyss. The walls start moving. Emma unlocks the door. Daniel holds the walls and forces Emma to go without him. Emma and Sophie end up in the school.
Emma screams for Daniel. Emma leaves Sophie. Desdemona finds a spell in a book, that all other wizards will get sucked into nothing. She hears Emma and goes out. Emma hugs Desdemona. Sophie tells her not to do it. Emma explains and tells her to safe Daniel. Sophie tries helping. Emma tells her of the AByss and that her evil clone sent her. Desdemona figures out that Emma is the regular one and is about to make a spell. Desdemona reveals they formed an alliance to destroy the Realm. Sophie jumps on top of Desdemona. Emma turns her into a stone statue. Sophie and Emma run away. Daniel appears at the dock. Back at Maddie's, Andi, Maddie and Katie talk. Sophie texted to Maddie and Maddie didn't tell her. Andi is about to get her. Sophie and Emma arrive, Andi and Emma hug and they apologize. Andi tells her that Philip was dangerous. Katie asks for Danny. Maddie is worried that Daniel is in trouble, eh texted her a half an hour ago he appeared on the dock. Andi is mad. Later at Emma's, Evil Emma nd Jax talk about what they will do after taking over the world.
Jax wants to magic surf, E doesn't, Jax mixes up regular Emma with Evil Emma. E makes it clear that she doesn't like glitter or helping people. She sits on an ATV. Danny watches form the window. E says there is things she doesn't like about Jax. The next day, Andi and Emma wake up at Maddie's as they slept over with the Panthers. Andi plays a prank on Maddie and Emma chastises her. Ursula rushes in, not having slept in two days, she knows how to get the Council out of limbo. She says someone can pull the Council out. Katie says the Council already told them this. Maddie sees what Andi did and screams at her. Back at Emma's, Emma and Andi spy the window with Evil Emma. Evil Emma leaves. Andi and Emma and Hex enter the house. Andi loves the ATV. Emma puts a spell on Francisco, to got to a big brain convention, gets rid of the stuff Evil Emma did and unfreeze him.
Desdemona breaks free from the statue form and teleports away. Meanwhile, Danny puts on paint ball armor. Danny's mom comes in with cleaning supplies. Danny tells his mom that she is a great mom. She tells him not to take things too seriously. Meanwhile, Jax and his dad talks. Jax's dad says Desdemona knows a lot of spells and not to mess it up. Jax mentions twins (his sisters?). Jax looks at a photo of him and Emma at the beach. "What I must." At 7, Diego and Gigi talk, that they have to get to Maddie. Desdemona comes in. Gigi hides behind Diego. Back at Emma's house, Emma wants to know what to know. She says they need a Guardian. Danny comes in and she hugs Danny. Jax comes with flowers and sees Emma and Danny in the window. Danny and Andi hug. Andi asks about the armor, Danny says T3 made it, hoping spells reflect off. Emma, Andi and Danny leave, Jax hides and is mad. "You're all going to regret this." Jax steps on the flowers.
Diego and Gigi tells Desdemona to go away. Desdemona says Gigi knows too much. Gigi swears she won't tell. Diego tells Gigi not to move, Gigi runs, Desdemona attacks her and Diego throws pizza boxes. Diego then uses sand on her, covering her mostly. He runs out. Back at the school, a boy is getting his books and Jax turns him into a mouse. Evil Emma is looking over clothes, guarding the Realm entrance. Jax says they have a problem. Emma changes white dress into black. Jax reports that Emma and Danny escaped. Evil Emma is mad. Jax tells her she is planning to stop them. Evil Emma plans to destroy her. Diego and Gigi are going to Maddie's and Desdemona hears this, they are at the back of 7. Desdemona puts Diego and Gigi in a prison cage and take a picture. Maddie wonders where Diego is when Emma, Danny and Andi enters Maddie. Andi says they are the starting lineup and they are the reinforcements. Maddie tells Emma he is de-hunked. Maddie tries turning Danny into a lime and the vest works. Katie says they need Diego to get the Council out. Maddie gets a text from Desdemona.
 At the school, Jax asks how they will stop Emma. Jax says she has no flaws. Evil Emma thinks he prefer Emma.  Jax says they are destined for greatness. Evil Emma says Emma is their dad. All fights out of Miami has been canceled, Emma's dad's flight has been canceled. Danny says to split up. Emma and Danny will get Emma's dad, the Panthers get Diego and the Council while Andi will guard the entrance with Hex. Emma isn't sure about it, she is worried, Andi tells her she has earn her stripes to be a Guardian. At 7, Desdemona says she has no time and plans. She tries making scorpions appear and the Panthers appear. Maddie and Desdemona have a magic fight. Diego is freed and he sends a wind towards her. Desdemona teleports away. Diego and Maddie hug. Sophie awws and the others "ewws."
Francisco arrives at his house to Evil Emma and Jax, E turns the dad into a Beta fish. Back at the school, Andi and Hex stop Desdemona at the entrance of the realm. Desdemona tries attacking but Hex gets her and Andi wraps her with a lasso. Desdemona frees herself and de-powers Hex. Andi goes to Hex's aid and cries. Desdi laughs. The realm door opens. At Emma's house, Emma and Daniel meet E and Jax. Danny goes near them, E has the dad as a fish and threatens him. Emma says Jax won't hurt anyone. Jax says she doesn't know him. E wants Emma's powers in a bottle or she drains her father. Emma puts her powers away and Jax takes the bottle. E puts the fish in the sink anyway. Andi cries for Hex as Desdemona about to enter and Andi tackles the witch. They wrestle on the floor. Daniel got the dad fish. Back at 7, Gigi si sleeping--a spell Maddie made. Sophie ties a cord on Maddie. Diego opens a portal and Maddie goes in, after hugging. Katie holds the rope.
Desdemona tries pushing the lockers. Andi is all tied up. Jax and E arrive. Andi says Jax is banned from the sharks. Desdi was double crossing them. The last light begins, Jax and E attack Desdemona, double crossing her double cross (Having Andi narrate this spells sloppy writing for me). They fight with magic. Meanwhile at the limbo, Ramona, Agamemnon and Lily say the Last Light start. Maddie entered with a rope. Lily hugs Maddie. Maddie offers the rope, Lily goes up. Back at school, Emma and Danny see the last light has started. They hold hands. Evil Emma and Desdemona have a show off. Jax goes to the lockers, trying to push them open. Danny unties Andi. The last light hits Desdemona, making her weak. She asks for help from E. Desdemona turns good again. Evil Emma claps her hands. Agamemnon enters the 7, Maddie is the last one. Diego can't hold the portal anymore, he faints and the portal closes. Hax can't open the lockers. Evil Emma blasts the locker opening realm portal (It isn't clear why only a portal opening is needed). Emma asks where Hex is. Emma says Evil Emma is her responsibility. Jax tells Evil Emma to remind their agreement about his family, E says to not get sentimental. Emma faces her. Evil Emma says she will go bye bye. Emma tells Jax to think about their friends and family.
Jax fells that Emma didn't think about him, he is hurt. Emma asks Jax again, the light blinds Jax. Evil Emma stands by herself and turns around. Meanwhile at 7, the others wonder where Maddie is. Agie says that is it, that she is trapped. Diego tries opening the portal but he is too weak. He opens it again and Maddie is pulled out. (Why is Sophie and Katie the only ones pulling? Why not Agie and Ramona too?) Anyway, Maddie and Diego kiss. The two Emmas wrestle, Jax gives Emma her powers. Evil Emma blasts Jax down on the floor. Emma regains her powers. Evil Emma says it is too late. Evil Emma is about to attack Emma, Daniel jumps in front and the spell reflects off him and hits Evil Emma. Evil Emma falls. The vortex starts pulling all magical beings. Andi saves Hex. Emma fights being pulled. At 7, the limbo has weakened the council. Ramona, Lily and the others are started to be pulled away. The Panthers hold Maddie. Danny pulls Emma away. Evil Emma wakes up and stands in front of the door again (why isn't she being pulled in?). Emma flies in the air and tells Danny that she loves her. Emma flies away, Evil Emma is knocked in. Danny grabs Emma and the door closes. The wind stops. Jax apologizes. Andi and Danny are mad. Desdemona asks where she is. Danny and Emma hug. A week or so later, Gigi is reporting and says she forgot what something important. Jax zaps Emma's lunch to (something better? hard to tell). Emma and Jax share smiles. Emma then looks at Daniel longingly. Jax looks at them.
We see video cams of the cast talking about season 3.
Like I said before, Desdemona is an idiot. It took her forever to figure out that Evil Emma was talking to her in the beginning and she was also dumb when talking to original Emma when she came out of the Abyss. Desdemona could had tricked Emma even more but at least Sophie was there. I liked Sophie's involvement and bravery, helping Emma and Daniel out of the Abyss plus her jumping on top of Desdemona. Andi was also brave with Desdemona, so Andi and Sophie get points. I liked the scenes with Maddie and Diego, it had more momentum than the scenes between Evil Emma, Desdemona and Emma. I like how Maddie saved the Council, she shows her bravery and near-unselfishness. I wish Emma was stronger in character, she was ready to let herself go telling Daniel "I love you" and it took him to get her out. I guess you can say it is true love but Evil Emma had more bravery. Evil Emma was smart and Paolo did a good job with her.
 I did like the characterization and plot work of Jax. But it did seem that Jax was supposed to be two characters. Sometimes comical (like when people call him a witch and he says, "Wizard!") and then a real dark character (like when trying a student into a mouse and his betrayals). But I did like what Rahart Adams did with the material. What was confusing was his dad's plot because supposedly he was to war up to Emma and then combine the two lights? But it didn't looks like he was going to do that. Anyway, moving on.. the whole combining two lights plot was confusing. Clearly they are hindered by the small budget and that Council portal at the lockers. It is ridiculous that it is the only portal, because when Ramona got out of the Limbo, she was in L.A. and then scrambled in Miami school for the portal... why didn't she look at another portal in LA?
Anyways back to the whole thing, how was Evil Emma destroyed? The portal just closed, doesn't it mean she ended up in the Magic Realm? Or was she just absorbed? It wasn't clear. Because if Evil Emma was standing in front of the portal and the others were being sucked in, weren't they just going to knock Evil Emma in like real Emma did? Ah.. whatever.