Friday, July 25

Every Witch Way Season 2 Week 3 Review

UPDATED 7/26/14 2 PM EST
I am summarizing and reviewing the second season of "Every Witch Way" by weeks. "Every Witch Way" has aired for the month of July and first week of August at 7:30 PM EST, the last episode airs August 8th.

"Outta Hand"
 Picking up from the last episode "No sleep Sleepover", Ursula wraps Emma like a present and makes Sophie into a tinkertoy to not tell Maddie she has her powers. Maddie finds out Ursula has her powers. At Emma's house, Emma shows she can do magic without audibly speaking, Daniel comes in and Andi covers Emma's spell. Back at Maddie's, Ursula tries to make excuses for what she did and Maddie calls her a dangerous witch. They need a conduit to transfer powers. Back at school, Jax berates Emma for using her powers through impulses. Fool Moon will take two more weeks. Jax wants to cut school. Daniel tells Emma he has to do 'Romeo and Juliet." Andi texts Emma and she leaves Jax, saying if she wants her to go with them--which Jax isn't happy about. Diego and Maddie are in lunch line talking about Ursula having powers. Diego says the principal wanted to use him as a conduit causing him to die. At the clinic, Andi can't go because she has a French presentation. Jax and Emma agree to meet at the pool, Gigi listens in.

At the school audition, Sophie & Francisco hold the auditions and the are all bad except for Sophie & Daniel (who ultimately get the parts). At the beach, Emma asks Jax to show her the problem. He makes a food appear and throws cake at her. He says that she isn't having enough fun with her powers. They have a food fight. Maddie leaves and Katie & Sophie corner him to talk to him. Katie wants him to be the conduit and lies that they found a way to protect him using a old book at Maddie's. Daniel find it strange that Emma is not in class but Jax is in class though. Jax and Emma continue their food fight. They run back to school, Emma is called to the Principal's office. Gigi says hi to two Jaxes in the hallway. Emma's dad berates her for cutting classes. Emma is shocked that it is only her. She complains to Daniel about having detention and he gets in trouble on purpose to be in detention to be with Emma. Andi & a crying Maddie bump into each other. Maddie enters the Janitor's closet, Andi follows her. She confesses that its been without powers is bad and she can't trust her friends or mom.

 Diego hears this. Andi tells her that she is head of the panthers, Maddie, even though she doesn't feel the same, everyone sees her as the same old Maddie. Andi encourages her, she cheers up, both make a deal not to tell anyone about it. At detention, Emma is present and Francisco is mad. Daniel is late and sits next to Emma. Later, Diego brings Katie and Sophie to Maddie's. At 7, Emma and Jax bump into each other (Jax works there now?) and Jax offers to show her a new spell, which she says no and is mad. She goes to meet Daniel who is practicing lines. She makes a spell and wears a hat and she hears Daniel's voice. Gigi sees Emma. Katie and Sophie wrap Diego in plastic to be the conduit. Ursula agrees. At Emma's house, Emma cuts up the hat she made, saying its cheating. Jax comes in, saying he was going to show her how he was able to not get caught. He makes a magical double.

Special Guests: Francisco, Ursula
Not present in this episode: Desdemona, Lily
"Double Trouble"
 Fransico comes in to when Jax has his clone and the clone hides in Emma's bedroom. Maddie calls off the power transfer, in fear Diego will get hurt. Daniel is convinced by his mom to talk to Franscico to see to get out of the play. Daniel spies in on Franscico bonding with Jax and Jax getting invited for dinner. Andi comes into Emma's room with Jax's clone, thinking it is really him. She grabs the Hex and he disappears. Andi walks in the kitchen and is shocked by Jax. Emma tells her to be quiet. Diego thanks Maddie for not hurting her at school, she denies her true feelings. Emma explains about the illegal spell to Andi. Andi wants to tell on Emma but she tells her Jax is her friend. Emma tells Daniel he didn't come over, he confesses he saw Jax in the house and she confirms he is just a friend. He tells him he is jealous over Jax and Emma's dad. The council (including Lily) talk in the clinic. Agamemnon says Desdemona has had no good luck with Emma and Lily should come back but Desdemona is against it. Agamemnon threatens Desdemona. Desdemona says she has a plan to get closer to Daniel. Jax sends his clone on a mission. Katie and Sophie have a metal detector to beat Diego in finding a giant ball of scraps.

Jax comes to them. Maddie threatens Jax. Jax in turn makes her jump like a bunny. Gigi does her recording in the cafeteria which Francisco is against. Francisco asks Emma to help him to help her with a presentation, which makes her not be able to go to Daniel's anniversary plans.. unfortunately doesn't tell him. Gigi live-blogs her meeting, Desdemona volunteers to direct the school play and talks to Gigi, asking to be her assistant director. Francisco is against it. Back at home, Francisco tells Emma not to go to Daniel's thing. Emma splits herself into two. Original Emma goes to Daniel's anniversary, the Bad Emma clone changes the jacket and goes with Francisco. At Daniel's house, Daniel's brother help with the romantic dinner. They slime Daniel. Jax arrives and talks to the Bad clone, who is bored. Bad Emma makes another clone (Nerdy Emma) to stay at Francisco's thing, Jax sends his clone. Diego shows off an aluminum scrap ball in Maddie's house he made from Seven and T3's scraps. Ursula disappears and is found out by Sophie. Ursula transfers her powers to Maddie. At 7, Bad Emma clone and real Jax have fun. Jax finds her more fun. Bad Emma kisses him. Andi walks in, catches them and walks out.

Special Guests: Daniel's mom, Desdemona, Lily and Agamemnon
Big Change: Maddie gets her powers back
Not present: Daniel's Sister

"The Emma Squad"
Andi saw Jax kiss the Bad Emma clone. The original Emma arrives home and Andi behind her, asking how about the kiss. Emma tells her she was with Daniel. Emma doesn't tell Andi the truth, just that it wasn't her. Original Emma (O.E.) berates Bad Emma (B.E.) about what she did, Nerdy Emma (N.E.) comes in. Lily is at the door, Emma sends the clones to her room. Emma forces B.E. to go when she is defiant. The council doesn't know Lily is there. B.E. yells, pretending to be Francisco. Lily apologizes about Daniel and leaves. Emma wants the reversal spell. Next day, Emma asks Jax the reversal spell. Jax is shocked to find out he kissed a clone and refuses to help her. Daniel asks if everything is ok. B.E. comes in and O.E. sends her to the pool. The panthers come in the clinic where Andi is. Andi and Maddie are angry at each other. Maddie had a question for Lily, surprised to find out she is at the council. Andi boasts she is a guardian in training and happy to answer questions and kicks Maddie out. Daniel mistakes N.E. for real Emma. Daniel touches nerdy Emma's hand and she stresses. Real Emma sees this and N.E. leaves.

Back at home, O.E. and N.E. talk as N.E. promised to help Daniel with his lines and O.E. has other plans with Andi. B.E. is off to go to Jax. O.E. tells N.E. to stay with Andi and hides that she will get the reversal spell. Emma puts chains on Bad Emma's hands. B.E. says she'll pay for it, N.E. obeys O.E. Bad Emma tricks Nerdy Emma. Later Andi arrives to a Hippie Emma (H.E.) and they play video games. Andi says she is acting weird. Emma makes Lazy Emma clone in a bathrobe. N.E. comes in and shocks Andi. Later, O.E. arrives to Andi in her room. Andi asks who Jax was kissing, Emma lies. Andi reveals Lazy Emma in bed, N.E. under her table and H.E. outside of her window. Emma thought Andi would be mad, she's not but only mad at being left with a fake. Jax refused Emma again for the reversal spell, Hex is mad at Emma so she can't get it. Andi says Emma is responsible for everything the clones do. B.E. told Daniel she can babysit the T3 and she has to make dinner. H.E. offers to babysit. B.E. is out with Daniel at the 7. Desdemona comes in and butters up the two. She says they can learn from Romeo and Juliet.

 B.E. says she thinks Juliet is lame, saying to sneak out and go to a club and not wait for Romeo, which freaks out Daniel. H.E. finds mud on the T3 and says they are expressing their true selves. They have fun with popcorn. Daniel and Sophie practice the play and Desdemona recommends fighting and then a happy ending. Apparently she hasn't read the whole play and finds out that both die. Hippie Emma arrives to Original Emma, H.E. abandoned T3. O.E. finds a mess in T3's room, she sends them to bathe and cleans the room with magic when Daniel arrives. Maddie bumps into B.E. in 7. She can't make her spells work all the day. B.E. makes fun of her by making her do an ugly face and jump on one foot and makes a real spell for her. Gigi catches this. O.E. is cooking when B.E. comes in. Andi comes in with Hex. The other Emmas are gathered. Bad and Original Emma claim to be the real one and Andi finds out which one is which with a trick. B.E. tries to rally the other Emmas, they aren't for it. Daniel hears them all fighting as he comes to the house. He looks through the window and sees all of them and rushes in, shocked to find what he sees.

Not present in this episode: Francisco, Diego and Ursula
Special Guest: Lily, Desdemona

 Andi swears they are quintuplets but Emma says she made them. Daniel figures out she has her powers back and is upset at Andi. H.E. tries to make them feel their feelings. B.E. tells Daniel that deep down he had to know. Daniel is mad that she lied to him. B.E. says there are five Emmas. Daniel breaks up with them, which makes B.E. mad and N.E. grab on his leg. B.E. calls Daniel boring and at least they get to keep powers. B.E. wants to get rid of O.E., Andi and O.E. open up Hex and reads a spell. O.E. gets rid of N.E., H.E., and L.E. Bad Emma fights back and the two cancel out and Original Emma faints. Andi picks and Emma up and Emma says she is herself. Emma is upset that Daniel broke up with her. At Daniel's house, the T3 arrive to a sleeping Daniel on a couch. They put shaving cream on his hand to touch his face. Daniel's mom comes to comfort him, seeing a scrapbook about them and he says they broke up. Daniel's mom is comforting. Hex is mad at Emma and bite her fingers. Emma makes excuses for not telling Daniel.

Andi comforts Emma, telling her that the Council won't take away her powers. Meanwhile, Maddie is happy. Maddie's spell goes wrong and makes her shoes into cheese at school. Diego calls her 'rusty,' which shocks the Panthers.  Maddie asks for Rabbit ears on Diego and it doesn't work. Diego recommends turning the others into Koala Bears. Meanwhile, Emma spots Daniel but he avoids her. Jax tries kissing her. Jax calls Bad Emma as 'E.' He asks to bring her back. Emma says she knows they were planning to get rid of her. Jax says B.E. is fun and knows there is a little bit of her in her and she magically sticks her into a locker. (I guess there is still some of her in there). Sophie comforts Daniel at the stage. Desdemona yells at them and is upset to find out he broke up with Daniel. Emma goes to the bathroom and bumps into Maddie, Maddie mad at her for what B.E. did. Emma apologizes, she offers to help. Emma and Maddie hold hands and she turns a bench into a bunny. Maddie is about to make Emma into something but Emma runs away. Gigi was hiding in a stall and makes a 'breaking news report' about witches.

 Emma corners Daniel, he clarifies that he was happy that Emma wasn't lying to her, saying that all Maddie did was lie to him. Danny says it was all a lie and he leaves her. Back at Emma's house, Emma hears Danny's voice saying 'it's over.' She is about to make a love spell on candy and Lily arrives. At Daniel's house, he can't think of anything else but Emma. T3 come in and they comfort him like Anti-Emma stuff like a dart board, punching bag, etc. He declines. Lily asks Emma what she was going to do and she tells the truth. Emma tells her about the break up, Lily is happy, she says she can work on controlling her power. Lily says there is irregular power activity. Lily says she can be trusted, she didn't tell the council about erasing Daniel's memory. Emma tells her about the clones, Lily says the council will take her powers. Back at 7, Diego and Maddie practice her powers. Diego makes Maddie rain into snow. Sophie and Katie are jealous of Diego, they want to break them up. In the Janitor's closet, Gigi is recording a video and about to show a video, Desdemona cancels this and tells her not to reveal the magic realm. Gigi gets a mop to defend herself. Desdemona says she won't hurt her but recruit her, to be her minion. Gigi says no. Gigi escapes her.

Special Guests: Desdemona, Daniel's Mom, Ursula
Not present in the episode: Francisco, Agamemnon  
"The Breakup"
Gigi escapes Desdemona, she teleports and shows up everywhere Gigi runs and makes her her minion. Gigi still wants to report it as Miss Information, Desdemona makes it a spell again but can't stop her personality. Desdemona wants info on Daniel. Gigi says it has been a week since Daniel and Emma broke up. At Emma's house, Andi goes to Emma and she is under her bedsheet and doesn't want to say what is bothering her. Andi takes off the sheet, Emma says people turn into Daniel. She sees Daniel but with Andi's voice. Andi tries cheering her up but does tough love, forcing her out. At Maddie's, she is practicing her spells with a revenge list. Katie pretends to be Gigi and Emma makes her speak gibberish. Sophie pretends to be Andi and gets a tail. Andi treats Emma to a sundae bar at 7 and a day at the carnival. To cheer up Emma, Andi dances. Emma laughs, Gigi shows video to Desdemona. Desdemona makes a headband/hidden camera for Gigi to find video of Daniel and Emma. Desdemona summons real swords as props for the play. Next day Emma at school, she pictures the Panthers as Daniel and bumps into the real Daniel.

Daniel leaves and Jax talks to Emma. Jax tells Emma to pretend like she couldn't care less about him--Diego sees this and tells Daniel. Desdemona sees this on a tablet. Emma runs to Desdemona at the Clinic. Desdemona thinks they want to get back together, Emma tells her about her Daniel problem. Desdemona calls it the Broken Heart Witch Curse, she 'fixes' it. She urges to get back with him. Emma doesn't think he will get back to her. Desdemona thinks of making Emma as Juliet for the play. Maddie turns Jax's apple to a rotten apple as revenge. Jax turns magic at her, they get into a magic battle. Jax makes a protection bubble around himself that deflects her attacks. Diego comes in and sees popcorn falling. Diego makes a cold wind blast and knocks Jax down. Jax and Diego don't know each other's powers, Maddie covers it up. Francisco arrives and gets Frosty on him. He sends the three to detention and they convince him to have them help with the school play. Diego finds Jax is a wizard and Diego is a Kanay (Jax says eww), Emma says she'll pick Diego over Jax anytime. Diego and Emma leave. Meanwhile T3 add Jax to the prank list. Back at the stage, Andi and Emma help with the play as Danny and the gang practice.

Desdemona gives them their swords, she says the poison is real too. Franscico comes in with Jax, Diego and Maddie. Francisco is shocked to find out Desdemona has real stuff and tells her to use fake props. Diego and Andi are sent for fake props. Desdemona sends Maddie to help Katie. Desdemona makes Sophie sneeze, which Jax sees. Desdemona has Emma 'stand in' for Sophie. Emma and Danny agree begrudgingly. Pablo turns out to have the chicken pox and Jax agrees to replace him as Tybalt. Andi and Diego come with Salami and bread as fake swords. Jax hits Danny with the salami and they fight with the bread and salami. It is intense, even though they have no real swords. Everyone run out to see them 'fight' in the hall. Emma leaves. Everyone follows the two into the cafeteria, where their swords are both slashed in half. They argue who won and look for Emma, who is missing, so they run off for her. Meanwhile Maddie and Katie work on costumes. Maddie turns blue when she pinches her finger. Later, Emma opens her locker to get squirted, turns herself into a bird. Daniel witnesses this. Next week you get to see who gets pranked: Daniel or Jax!
Special Guests: Desdemona, Francisco
Not Present in the Episode: Ursula, Lily, Agamemnon

One of my favorite scenes this week has to be the Andi/Maddie Janitor's closet scene in the Monday episode. My favorite episode has to be "Emma Squad." I like Jax longing for Bad Emma. I do like the budding relationship between Maddie and Diego, it shows Maddie's softer side. Having Desdemona as the play director really extends the storyline for the final showdown. I am surprised they kept Diego knowing about Jax and Jax knowing about Diego for so long. Also Daniel still doesn't know about Jax. I really have to give kudos to Daniel's actor for the Friday episode because he has shown lots of range.