Friday, July 18

Every Witch Way Season 2 Week 2 Review

"Every Witch Way" airs on Nickeldeon at 7:30pm EST weeknights for the month of July.

"Daniel Who?"
Emma says 'fool moon' (and not Full Moon) and Daniel tells her she is catching Andi's accent. They almost kiss. Back at home, Jax shows off spells to Emma, who is not so happy at him. Daniel sees that Emma has her powers back and both Jax and Emma cast spells at the same time to Daniel and make him lose his memory. Jax makes him believe he is German and nerdy. Jax, Andi and Emma try to protect Daniel while trying to find a reversal spell. Miss Information interviews Daniel who says he likes Dolphin (opposing team) and Jax breaks her phone. Desdemona shows Emma her new 'look' and spies on Emma when Lily is to summoned to help her. Meanwhile, Diego tries to get things Maddie loves but gets confusing info from her friends. In the end, it is revealed Desdemona was the one who trapped the other council member and her plan is to destroy the magical realm so she is the last witch standing. Oh yeah and Daniel's memory is back but he doesn't know Emma and Jax are magical.
Special Guests: Desdemona, Ramona
Not present: Lily, Francisco

"No Can Do"
Jax shows up in Emma's house, he turns into a dog, making her think it is part of the Fool Moon but it was just a trick. She starts showing a wicked side by wrapping him into a straight jacket and throws him out. This is because of the effects of the Fool Moon. Gia misses her phone and takes her card in Diego's phone and gets her info back, seeing a video she took of Daniel saying he liked the Dolphins (rival team). Daniel and his mom go to his aunt's and have Emma babysit the T3. Her mean streak comes when they threaten to do another prank and she turns them into hamsters. She calls Andi for help but they both are no good at capturing them. They call Jax and he catches them. When Daniel returns, the kids are tired and sleepy. Diego finds a new power in merging with furniture and asks Urusula's help, she makes him close his eyes and uses her powers. Jax tries splitting Daniel and Emma apart but they end up getting even closer. Also, somewhere in the ep, Jax doesn't like Emma's insinuation that Jax can't beat Daniel without his powers. In the end, the council comes and tells Emma to dump Daniel, she refuses and is about to be punished. Andi calls Lily a traitor. Andi says she should be punish too, Agamemnon sends them away against Lily's wishes.
Complaint: I don't like how Lily and Agamemnon don't mention Desdemona's change in clothes nor her change in attitude.
Special Guests: Lily, Agamemnon, Desdemona, Ursula
Not Present: Francisco (Emma's dad)

"Werewolves in Siberia"
Emma and Andi are sent to Siberia. Emma teleports them back home and into a pool. Lily and Agamemnon for some reason have breakfast at the school and teleport Emma (from her bed) to them. Emma is mad at Lily and says that they are powerful than her ("for now")--which she regrets but it is under the influence of the Fool Moon. Agamemnon tells her that he put spells on her and sends her home. Lily hopes they are doing the right thing. They also briefly discussed Desdemona. Emma discovers the spells are related to anything Daniel-related, when he speaks, she sees him or 'Sharks' are mentioned, she says 'oh yeah' in a deep voice, screams or dances. Daniel and Jax try to one up one another about sports in front of the trophy case. Francisco comes and warns Daniel not to break it, Jax makes it fall. Francisco is about to punish Daniel when Jax makes him say to join the school play. Meanwhile, Diego merges to a chair and bonds with Maddie to get him out of the jam. The other Panthers grow jealous of Diego, try to 'capture' him and is caught by Maddie. Andi and Jax remove the spells from Emma when she is talking to Daniel in Emma's house. Maddie makes her mom convince Emma's dad to get Emma and Andi to go to a slumber party. Sophia catches Ursula with her powers and Ursula tells her she owes her a favor if she keeps it a secret. Francisco then breaks the news to Emma and Andi about the sleepover.  Also in the ep, Jax mentions his dad and brings his dad's books. He tries using Hex but Hex flies off.  Also I liked how Jax and Andi made fun of each other's accents, Andi sounded British and Jax sounded like a valley girl.
Special Guests: Lily, Agamemnon, Desdemona, Ursula, Francisco

"The No-Sleep Sleepover"
Francisco convinces Emma and Andi to go to Maddie's sleepover to save the school. Andi wants a skeleton key but in the end, just gets an air freshener. They go and find out Maddie is trying to trick Emma into using her powers---which Emma swears she doesn't have. Diego and Daniel have an 'all-nighter,' saying its over due and Jax arrives and finds the T3's supply closet. Ursula talks to Sophie about keeping her secret. Jax, Diego and Daniel work on a booby trap--which Jax uses magic to make it work. Ursula gives disgusting snacks and Maddie sends Katie with her to get Pizza. Gigi arrives at the sleepover and webcasts it. Daniel, Jax and Diego come to Maddie's house--Daniel has knowledge about it and Diego gets jealous. Andi does a scary makeover for Sophie, which she loves. Later, Andi hides her face due to Maddie's makeover and hides in her tent. Gigi plugs too many things in, making the lights go out. The boys find Sophie and scream.
The guys grab Diego, Emma comes and makes a spell, everyone freaks out and splits up. Maddie busts Emma on still having her powers back. Andi goes to fix the fuse box. Daniel and Diego find Jax. At 7, Ursula and Katie arrive for the pizza. Ursula bumps into Francisco. Ursula recognizes Desdemona, who can't see her due to squirting ketchup in her eyes and runs out. Diego, Daniel and Jax put together the trap for the 'zombie' but trap Sophie. The lights come back. Andi comes in her makeover, everyone screams. Katie and Ursula comes with the pizza. Later, Ursula tells the 3 boys to go in her car. The girls eat pizza. Everyone leaves Emma and Maddie alone--Maddie thinking Emma has her powers. The Fool Moon makes Emma tell Maddie to back off. Next morning, Ursula comes to clean up, uses powers and Emma catches her. Emma thinks it is the Fool Moon. Sophie comes and blabs that Ursula took Maddie's powers.
Special Guests: Ursula, Desdemona, Francisco
Not Present: T3, Lily, Agamemnon

Thursday there was Sports Kids Choice Awards so no new episode of "Every Witch Way."

Engaging week, I like how this week dealt with more one-episode situations than last week that seem to spill storylines throughout. I personally don't like how Desdemona seems to be fooled by ordinary things. Also, that Jax is suddenly friendly with Daniel and Diego but probably because they are on the same swim team. I wish the Jax as a dog storyline was real and carried along a little longer. Jax and Emma's interactions seem to short and quickly resolved. Also, Jax needs someone to talk to for sure. A character to act as his conscious.