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Every Witch Way Season 2 Week 1 Review

"Every Witch Way" is a 'month' event on Nickelodeon, it is a supernatural soap opera based on "Grachi" on Latin America Nick written by the same guy. It is about a young girl who has magic powers. In this case, Emma is the 'chosen one,' her father mortal and her mother presumed dead was a witch who gave up her powers. Maddie is an evil witch who wants to be the chosen one and lost her powers at the end of season one and now her mom has them. I didn't review Season 1 in January because I was busy with work. Also I didn't see much about it. So I am planning to review every week. The show may get dismissed for being a kids show or a cheap soap. But because I live in Miami and it is shot in Miami, I think I should promote it.
Also the show itself has its charms. The young cast works go hard and are genuinely charming. Some do need more acting classes but they are kids. Since it is a new episode every day and works as a soap, it has its mistakes and it is hilarious and its small budget is clearly obvious. The special effects aren't exactly Avatar but they are what is expected for a show like this and I don't think they are bad. The show has its own lore, which might seem familiar to Charmed or Harry Potter fans. Emma ( the endearing and earnest Paola Andino) has a mentor named Lily (the very grounded Melissa Carcache) and a magic book called Hex that floats around and acts like a pet.
"Jax of Hearts"
Super hot Australian Wizard Jax (the delight that is Rahart Adams) shows up, but when Miss Information puts him on the spot, he becomes the topic of the school. Emma's dad is now the principal of the school. Daniel tries to make things right with Emma's father, but it becomes difficult when the Terrible Three try to get revenge on him. Maddie refuses to go to school without her powers--which her mom now has and hides from everyone. Lily tells Emma that she cannot date Daniel anymore and the witches council (two women Ramona and Desdemona and one man Agamemnon) shows up when Andi tries to break into the secret portal via some lockers. I like characters that mixes things up and Jax sure does this. Jax finds out Emma is a witch but no one knows he is a wizard... yet.
Special Guests: Lily, Ramona, Desdemona, Agamemnon, Ursula, Francisco
"Runaway Witch"
The witches council shows up at Emma's house and tries to convince Emma not to date Daniel, but she refuses. Diego tries to cheer Maddie up about losing her powers, but her friend Katie convinces him to use his powers anytime Maddie casts a spell so she will think that her powers are back. One of the council member, Ramona, disappears (mid-way through her introduction and we can clearly see she isn't there right before Desdemona mentions it!) and gets trapped, so the council chooses Lily to be the new member. At lunch, Agamnemon joins Andi and Emma who they nickname "Uncle Ron" and soon ditch the story to tell Daniel he is a teacher. Jax sees him and recognizes him as Agamemnon and teleports (and just appears a few feet away and supposedly Andi and Emma don't notice) and he befriends the ditzy Sophie (who eats the school plants). Lily leaves and tells Emma that Desdemona will take her place and help her for the Fool Moon. Lily gives Emma a magic phone (which she doesn't use until the following week). Also, Jax casts a spell to make a text he does to Emma appear to be from her boyfriend Daniel's phone.
Special Guests: Lily, Ramona, Desdemona, Agamemnon, Ursula, Francisco
"Love Pie Redux"
Emma arrives to the Chemistry class to meet Daniel but it was Jax. He reveals to her that he is a Wizard and she is angry. He is spinning chemicals in the air and they fall on Emma. Jax disappears. Emma is left all 'gooed' when the Chemistry teacher arrives to take her to the Principal office. Katie, Sophie and Diego try to convince Maddie that she has her powers back, by going to crazy lengths and trying to make it look like Maddie's spells worked, but Maddie finds out they were just pretending. Jax then offers to help her with her disappearing (transportation) spells. Meanwhile Ursula (learning spell from Maddie's friends) makes the love pie for Francisco (Emma's dad) and they get invited to his house, where they announce that they are getting married and Maddie and Emma are gonna be sisters.
Special Guests: Ursula, Francisco
Not Present: Lily
 "Powers by Proxy"
Emma and Maddie receive some disturbing news: their parents are getting married, because Ursula cast the love spell on a pie and gave it to Francisco; Daniel is put in Detention by Francisco thanks to something he didn't do. Jax tries to get Daniel in trouble. Jax goes to visit Emma hoping to help to find out who made the spell on her father. When Emma is away, Jax makes a spell so he can see Daniel in detention and he makes him write on the board bad things about Francisco.; Andi finds a pair of magic goggles in the clinic. Daniel's brothers eat the magic pie and fall for Andi and do things for her. Diego (who Maddie calls "Proxy") helps Maddie in everything and Maddie at the same time starts to realize she likes Diego. Jax tries out for the swim team Sharks (which Daniel, Andi and Diego are part of) and he uses magic which Andi sees with her magic goggles.
Special Guests: Francisco, Ursula
Not Present: Lily
"Fool Moon"
Andi gets on Jax's case for cheating and he denies it. Jax steals Andi's goggles. Desdemona gets a job at Iridium High so she can help Emma through the Witches' Fool Moon. Emma finds out that Desdemona and her mom were once friends. Emma's mom helped Desdemona out when she was under the control of the Fool Moon, she completely changed. At the local hangout, Andi threatens Jax, prompting him to stick her to the floor and then Daniel's brothers (under the love pie spell) subject her to their poems. Later, Jax introduces himself to Maddie, showing her that he can make spells in his mind and not outloud like she did while Diego still tries to get in her good graces. Back at Emma's house, Andi finds out the pie had a love spell thanks to the goggles they got back from Jax and they reverse the spell. Emma then reverses the spell on her dad at the hangout where he is with Urusula. Later, Daniel and Emma go to a secluded spot to look at the full moon. A red mist emerges that changes Desdemona (who smelled the Churi Kanay off of Diego) into a darker alter ego.
Special Guests: Desdemona
Not Present: Lily

Ooh, I just love the cheesy-ness and campiness. They cut the fat with goofy male characters and added some characters to mix things up like Jax and Desdemona. The names are also clever like Agamemnon which is from greek mythology and the Churikanay (sons of fire) which originated from Grachi, are wizards that powers come from the elements. In Grachi, there were three, so far here we have two. In the original Grachi, the actors were slightly older, here most of them are under 18. It is not a direct translation as some characters are missing and some changed. I like the direction the series is going, I can't wait to see what's up next week!
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