Friday, September 6

Top 5 Superheronies who need Films

I always love superheronies and always think there should be women-lead superhero or action movies. There have been quite a few but of course none where hits or concerned 'successes' like Elektra, Catwoman, Ultraviolet, Tank Girl, Resident Evil and Aeon Flux. Resident Evil is a moderate success, spawning various sequels. But inspired by the article below here are 5 I believe deserve movies, not only comic books but TV shows and manga.'s "10 Superheronies who need a Movie."
5. Sailor Moon
This can be a thorny issue with fans. For those who don't know, she is an Anime superstar. Having started in Manga back in 1992, her Anime was dubbed in various countries like the United States in 1995. She had a live-action series in Japan in 2003. An English North American Live-Action film was rumored back in 1995, I still think it would work and be cool to have one. But there are so many issues. How can you take seriously an American movie with teenage girls in skirts and leotards spinning around?
 4. Spider-Woman
Many women have been Spider-Woman in the comics but the first--Jessica Draw, is the most interesting. She is part of Hydra and victim of genetic experiments and her loyalty questioned. Unlike Spider-Man, she is an adult and has her own fighting techniques. I think concentrating on her differences from Spider-Man and separating her from Peter would be better. She can also be launched from Avengers.
3. Batwoman
Batwoman has been recreated recently as Lesbian heroine who fights more magic-influenced villains than Batman and doesn't rely on him to fight evil in Gotham. I think it would be interesting to concentrate on this version of her. Now where a Lesbian lead character in an action franchise would be a hard sell, but stranger things have happened. Now why Batwoman should have a movie other than Batgirl because like Robin and Nightwing, Batgirl sort of relies on Batman. And what with two and possible three film franchises of Batman, it is better to step away from him.
 2. Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel
Linda Darvens a.k.a Ms. Marvel and now Captain Marvel. She is the source of Rogue's powers in X-Men comics. She has had different origin stories through time. I was hoping she'd appear on Avengers 2 but it looks like she might not but who knows. I think simplifying her origin story and powers should be done. There was confusion over Green Lantern's powers in his film because they aren't so concrete. I think they should concentrate on her humanity.
1. Wonder Woman
The most wanted and the one in development hell. Joss Whedon was once attached by Warner Bros and then let go. It is a tough cookie to bake but there was a TV series in the 70's by Linda Carter. Basic story is that she is an Amazon from an island of women and comes to our world, not knowing much of it and having superstrength, a lasso of truth, bracelets and an invisible plane. I think an experienced actress but not big name actress should lead it, probably someone in her 30's, not someone too young.