Tuesday, September 3

Best and Worst episodes of Family Guy Characters Part One

You can agree or disagree a bunch of times on the quality of Family Guy. It can be considered pandering to the lowest common denominator. Funny part is that Seth Mcfarlane finds himself cultured and loves show tunes and has smart references. Anyway, I like the show or liked the show, I can't stand the characters now, they are completely nonredeemable now. I decided to dissect them by characters. Notice how most 'redeemable' episodes are from earlier seasons and 'nonredeemable' are from recent seasons.

Lois' Top 5 Best Episodes
5. "Running Mates"
Lois had high moral grounds back in the early seasons, competing against Peter for school board or some piece of crap.

4. "A Very Special Family Guy Freaking Christmas"
Yes she goes crazy in this episode, well this is not exactly 'redeemable' but it is a fun episode of hers. She represented what moms would really want to do in the holidays... freak out.

3. "One if by clam, one by sea"
Lois doesn't believe Peter when he says that the new British guy is framing him until late but she manages to save the day and get her husband out of jail.

2. "Prick Up Your Ears"
 Lois believes kids should knew about safe sex, teaches a class and is kicked out. She then fights to make sure kids know to use condoms.

1. "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One"
Lois regains her political edge in running for mayor against Adam West to stop toxic waste dumping.

Lois' 5 WORST Episodes
5. 'Boys Do Cry'
Lois has a misguided notion that moving to Texas will give her family 'good moral values' and finds out the hard way that it is not the place for religious tolerance.

 4. "Breaking Out is hard to do"
Lois becomes a clepto, goes to jail and then breaks out. This begins her irresponsible behavior.

 3. 'Brian's Got a Brand New Bag'
It is a Brian episode but Lois is really rude about Brian's new girlfriend's age. In fact, the whole family is. Also, she is very critical of any of Brian's girlfriends. Funny enough in an early episode where he falls for an older woman, she doesn't say a thing, probably because the writers got more cynical by this point.

  2. 'Whistle While Your Wife Works'
When Brian introduces Jilan, Lois makes fun of Brian for being with a dumb chick when she is married to an IDIOT who cut his fingers off and had to work for him.

1. 'Quagmire's dad'
Lois has just become a bitch and very critical of everything. She represents narrow minded people in this episode when Quagmire admits his father is transfemale and Lois says 'gay' over and over, not knowing anything about transgender people. Also, she repeatedly is rude to Ida, wanting her to pee outside and throws away any food she makes.

Top Five Chris' Best Episodes
5. 'Jungle Love'
Chris runs away to the jungle and marries a girl but learns he can't run away from his own problems.

4. 'Moving Out'
He has great chemistry with Carl.

3. 'Deep Throats'
This surprises fans when Chris was actually smart, he informs Lois and Peter about Marijuana.

2. 'To Love and Die in Dixie'
Chris is actually likable in this one with his first love.

1. 'No Chris Left Behind'
I like the stand Chris took to leaving a rich high school academy because his parents had to work so hard for the money.

Top Five Chris' Worst Episodes
5. Tied: 'Halloween on Spooner Street' and 'Stew-Roids'
 Chris and Meg make out and he says "I was a kissing a bitch, who cares?" Also when Chris became popular at school, he was real mean to Meg.
4. 'Long John Peter'
Chris falls for vet intern Ana and totally brutalizes Brian (knocking his nose right off) in order to see her.

 3. 'Trading Places'
Chris trades places with Peter and takes his job and things get strange with wanting to see his parents have sex while he watches.

 2. 'Space Cadet'
His parents call him an idiot, he goes to space camp and ends up taking them into space. Enough said.

1. 'Hannah Banana'
Chris meets the evil monkey and just a whiny whiny guy with his father. 

Meg's Top 5 Best Episodes
5. 'Dial Meg for Murder'
Meg grows a new pair against the family when she goes to jail for harboring a fugitive.

4. 'Not All Dogs Go to Heaven'
Meg becomes religious and gets the whole town against Brian for being Atheist. But he makes her see the light... sort of.

 3. 'Let's Go to the Hop'
Meg's teen angst at best.

2. 'The Kiss Seen Around the World'
Meg is an intern and falls for Tom Tucker but finds out he is a jerk.

1. 'Seahorse Seashell Party'
Meg totally rips a new one for all the family. She then comes to the conclusion that she must be the black sheep to keep the family together.

Meg's 5 Worst episodes
 5. 'The Hand that rocks the wheelchair'
Meg takes Bonnie's place in Joe's family and tries to get with him. She even breastfeeds the baby. eww.

4. 'Meg and Quagmire'
Really Meg? Really? Quagmire? Desperate!

3. 'Stew-Roids'
Chris comes to High School and Connie makes him popular and is mean to Meg. Meg then shows signs that she might be a lesbian with thinking of Connie in the shower. Eww. 

2. 'Go, Stewie, Go!"
Meg finds out Lois kissed her boyfriend and shows her dark side. She even rips out of a tooth.

1. 'Barely Legal'
This is the first instance of her loosing it but here she goes psycho for Brian.

Next is Peter, Brian and Stewie.