Tuesday, September 3

Best and Worst episodes of Family Guy Characters Part 2

You can agree or disagree a bunch of times on the quality of Family Guy. It can be considered pandering to the lowest common denominator. Funny part is that Seth Mcfarlane finds himself cultured and loves show tunes and has smart references. Anyway, I like the show or liked the show, I can't stand the characters now, they are completely nonredeemable now. I decided to dissect them by characters. Notice how most 'redeemable' episodes are from earlier seasons and 'nonredeemable' are from recent seasons.

Brian's Top Seven Best Episodes
 7. The Perfect Castaway
When Peter is thought to be dead, Brian and Lois marry. When Peter returns and Brian sees how much Lois misses him, he decides to break it off.

6. Brian Does Hollywood 
Brian leaves his family to become a porn director and finds out what was missing in his life was his family.

5. 'Brian: Portrait of a Dog'
Not a great episode, a little trite but Brian shows his intellgence.

4. "Saving Private Brian"
Brian joins the army thanks to Stewie, he finds it hard but he sees it through. 

3. "Brian goes to College"
Brian goes back to college after dropping out, he doesn't cheat and fails, but he says he learned his lesson, the family doesn't agree.

 2. 'Brian in Love'
Brian has urination problems because he loves Lois.

1. "You may now kiss the guy"
Brian defends his cousin Jaspar to make gay marriage legal in Quahog.

Brian's Top Ten Worst Episodes
 10. 'Brian the Bachelor'
Not the first instance, but Brian starts going crazy. He stalks the bachelorette. 

9. 'Back to the Pilot'
Stewie and Brian go to the past where Brian fights the terrorists on 911, preventing 911 with jackass quips.

 8. '420'
Stewie and Brian attempt to legalize marijuana. Lois' father Carter makes Brian sell out by making his book real but it doesn't sell a copy.

 7. 'Play It Again, Brian'
He finally makes his play on Lois.

 6. 'Brian Griffin's House of Payne'
Brian sells out on a crappy sitcom.

 5. 'Tiegs for Two'
Quagmire and Brian battle it out for Cheryl Tiegs and looses both her and Jilian.

 4. 'Brian's Play'
Brian's confidence is shaken when he reads a play Stewie wrote that's much better than his

  3. 'Brian Writes a Bestseller'
Brian becomes full of himself when he writes a self-help book that is a bestseller and gets ripped a new one by Bill Myer.

2. 'Brian's Brand New Bag'
Brian cheats on his older girlfriend.

1. 'The Blind Spot'
Brian lies to a blind woman.. twice.

Stewie's Top Five Best Episodes
 5. 'The Courtship of Stewie's Father'
Stewie and Peter bond and he makes a cute motion when he finds out he is going to Disneyworld.

 4. 'Sibling Rivalry'
 Stewie battles Bertram for playground supremacy.

 3. 'Stewie Loves Lois'
Stewie starts to love Lois.

2. 'Emission Impossible'
Stewie cutely tries to stop from his parents having sex.

1. 'From Method to Madness'
Stewie endears us with falling in love.

Stewie's Five Worst Episodes
   5. 'The Hand that Rocks the Wheelchair'
Evil Stewie is way too brutal for TV.

 4. 'Chick Cancer'
Stewie seemingly kills two other babies, this one that she married.  I know he has killed kids before but he is a douchebag here.

  3. 'Stewie Kills Lois' / 'Lois Kills Stewie'
It is all a dream but Stewie goes real evil.

 2. 'The Man with Two Brians'
Stewie kills new Brian in a brutal manner.

1. 'Brian and Stewie'
It was great that they did an episode with no cutaways but there is so many disgusting and deplorable moments, I just can't sit through the episode again. Especially with Stewie trying to convince Brian to eat his poop and then being mean to him.

Peter's Top Five Best Episodes
 5. 'Mr. Saturday Night'
Peter endears us with becoming a knight and fighting his idol who turns out to be a dick.

4. 'A Fish Out of Water'
Peter and his friends go after Daggermouth.

 3. 'Petarded'
We find out Peter is special but we still find him endearing.

2. 'Peter's Daughter'
Meg winds up in the hospital in a coma, Peter is very protective of her, so he drives cute intern Micheal away. But when Meg reveals to the family that she is pregnant, Peter forces them to get married. 

 1. 'Meet the Quagmires'
Peter goes to the past, messes up his chances with Lois and returns to the present to find that Lois married Quagmire. In this fun episode, he corrects things in a "Back to the Future" manner.

Peter's Five Worst Episodes
 5. Any time Peter is mean to Meg
People know the family is mean to Meg but they might forget that Peter was the first one to be mean to her, forgetting her name or how she looked like. And even thinking she was a house cat.

4. 'The King is Dead'
Peter ignores Lois and ruins her play.

3. 'Family Gay'
This episode makes no sense! They make Peter gay and he leaves the family. Then when the serum wears off, he's straight again.

2. 'April in Quahog'
He tells the kids he hates them but then fixes it with just promising to buy a X-Box?

1. 'Big Man on Hippopotamus'
Peter looses his memory, cheats on Lois and is just a jerk.