Tuesday, July 24

Sexist AT&T commercial

"In this U-verse spot, we open on a young boy and girl on the edge of a pool in their backyard. They're watching Team USA compete in an Olympic swimming race on a TV on the back patio. The girl's teenage sister is standing next to the TV and starts ranting how good these kids have it because they're able to move the TV around wherever. While talking, she's trying to blow up an inner tube using a handheld pump. But the pump isn't working. When the young girl points this out, she gives up, and throws down the float in frustration."

Little black boy tells teenager sister "You talk a lot." Sexist commercial. Just because she talks a lot, it is worth mentioning and that is all he has worth to say. Little boy, talking is not a bad thing. She is smart, you are not if you don't believe in free speech. But of course it is not the children, it is the adult writers who wrote it.