Friday, June 29

Three Years to go and Mattel releases Hoverboard!

 In 2006, I mentioned how the hoverboard from Back to the Future II was nine years away and now oh my god, it is only three years away. Main character Marty McFly travels to 2015 and borrows a girl's hover board from Mattel. So now Mattel really is creating one for 2012 but it doesn't really hover. But some guys did make a project to make an actual hoverboard, it does hover but like an inch off the ground and doesn't take any passengers. Well, that is an accomplishment as we still don't have colonies on the moon, flying cars, or teleportation watches.

"Likely hoping to capture the same frenzied, nostalgic excitement that was created by the release of the Nike Mags, Mattel has just announced that the company will be creating a 1:1 replica of the hover board used by Michael J. Fox’s character in both Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III. The board will make “whooshing” sounds similar to the films and Mattel mentioned that the board will “glide over most surfaces,” but not actually hover. Mattel is targeting a November or December 2012 release window"