Friday, June 22

Golden Girl and the Gaurdians of the Gemstone

 We all know She-Ra and He-Man, but this toy line from Galoob (Before it was purchased by Hasbro in 1999, it was the third largest toymaker in the United States) pre-dates She-Ra. It came out in 1983 and only lasted one year. It was an ambitious toy line of 5 heronie figures, one 'token male,' 4 villainesses, one male villain, 2 horses, and fashions (like Jem). It did not have an animated series but there was lunch boxes, colorform pack, series of books, coloring books and a board game. Some might remember a cartoon series but what they might be thinking of is cartoon-ish looking artwork for the lunch box, t-shirt and Colorforms. The artwork for the doll boxes and books remind me of Jem and She-Ra.

 The plot was: heroine Golden Girl, and her consort of female warriors known as The Guardians of the Gemstone. The group's main aim is to protect the citizens of Argonia from the evil Dragon Queen.

* Golden Girl - The leader of the Guardians. She travels on her unicorn, Olympia.     
* Saphire - Golden Girl's best friend and fighter.     
* Rubee - A red-headed warrior from the Fire Isle. Her weapon is a flare-tipped arrow.     
* Onyx - From the Isle of Dunes. Her weapons are throwing stones and a saber.    
 * Jade - From the Ermaline Island. She uses a broadsword.     
* Prince Kroma - Occasionally joining the Guardians is Prince Kroma, whose arch nemesis is Ogra.

 The toy collectors find that the dolls don't last long, their lamine capes start flaking, their knees start getting green, the limbs keep falling apart and other problems. And people who might have the dolls, they might not know what they have and think it is She-Ra.

I would love if they brought this back. I think the reasons why this toy line did not succeed was because it was aims towards girls but had weapons and different things. It was too 'girly' for boys and too 'violent' for girls at the time. Even with She-Ra, they didn't have that many weapons. And villains in girl toy lines is rare but it has happened: She-Ra, Jem, Sailor Moon, Princess Gwenviere, W.I.T.C.H., Winx Club, Monster High, etc.

    * Dragon Queen - Lives on Storm Isle after being banished from Argonia. She uses dark magic and carries a samurai sword. She rides a black horse called Shadow.     
* Vultura - Practices witchcraft and is armed with long, sharp claws.     
* Moth Lady - Born from a cocoon, she now has wings and carries a trident.     
* Wild One - Armed with knowledge of the wild, she carries a battle-axe     
* Ogra - The man, Leader of another group known as the Barbarian Horses, Ogra occasionally joins Dragon Queen in fighting the Guardians.