Friday, June 22

Star Fairies: I thought it was a dream

 Star Fairies was a doll toy series in 1985 made by the Tonka company. Star Fairies was adapted into a televised cartoon movie, made by Hanna-Barbera in 1985. Family Home Entertainment released this TV movie on VHS in 1986 and Warner Home Video has yet made plans to release this film on DVD.

 I was born in 1982 and I was 3 in 1985, I remember the tv special vaguely and I thought it was a dream. The other day I stumbled upon this series on Wikipedia when looking at old toy lines like Tonka and Galoob and Kenner. I was pleasantly surprised I remember this as I never had the VHS cassette.

 The movie is about a princess star fairy named Sparkle who lives up in the clouds in Castle WishStar. Sparkle's job is to grant wishes to children who wish upon a star, but lately she has been overwhelmed by the increasing number of wishes being made. So she asks for help and receives not one, but five new star fairy helpers named: True Love, Whisper, Jazz, Spice, and Nightsong. As the story goes on, fairies meet a little girl named Hillary (Drew Barrymore), who is upset but cannot think of a wish to make her happy. Hillary and other star fairies then seek help from Princess Sparkle. When Hillary and the Star Fairies return to Castle WishStar, they discover Princess Sparkle's Wand has been stolen by a group of short, hairy elves, who have also made off with the WishingWell. This sends them on a journey to recover the wand.

This toy line didn't have villains but in the cartoon, they had little elves that stole their wand.

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