Tuesday, May 15

Desperate Housewives Series Finale Review

From the first episode, there is role reversal. First of all, Carlos was the bread winner and Gaby was the ex-model housewife. Gaby cheated on Carlos with the young male gardener. In this episode, Gaby is now the breadwinner with a promotion and Carlos works with the poor and Gaby has been neglecting him like he was in the beginning. So Carlos gets a sexy female Gardner. Lynette was a big businesswoman that became a mommy and housewife in the first season. Now, Lynette gets an offer from Katherine--who has come back from France and no longer a Lesbian--to be a businesswoman in New York. Lynette has returned with Tom and is not sure about going back to work. As for Bree and Susan, they aren't much role reversals. Susan is moving and her daughter is pregnant. The old neighbor Karen is dying and instead of going to a home, the four women offer to take care of her. Karen sticks her nose where it doesn't belong and tries to get Bree back with her Scott Bakula lawyer boyfriend.
 Renee (Vanessa Williams) and Australian bad boy Ben have a wedding and Renee is a total Bridezilla bitch and of course Julia is about to get birth. Julia spills her water on Renne's dress. The episode before the finale, it wraps up the court trail that has the murder plot started last finale. Bree was on trail and Karen came to the rescue and she got off and Carlos was not convicted. Renne is a total bitch, even when she has to walk from the store for a new dress, Ben is a sweetheart to her. Ben invites Scott Bakula to the wedding and Bree asks him why he wants to be with her if she is flawed and it doesn't make sense. They kiss and that seals the deal for their relationship. He calls her human and in the first episode people didn't think she was 'human' and her family thought she was a stepford wife. I guess Susan's change from the first episode is that she was a single mother and now she is a widowed grandmother. Lynette and Tom reconcile and about to go to New York together. So in the end, Julie has one of Lynette's twin's baby, Renne and Ben get married and Karen died.
Susan Delfino introduced herself to Jennifer, the girl moving in. Jennifer is worried about life being boring, Susan tells her it isn't. Susan, her son, daughter and granddaughter take one last spin around the block and we see ghosts of the people that were part of Wisteria Lane. We see people who have passed away. We see the future. Lynette becomes a CEO and her and Tom live in a penthouse in New York. Gaby and Carlos left the next year and Carlos helped her make a website called Gabrille's Closet and she got a show on the HSN and they moved to California. Two years after that, Bree and her new husband move and she became a Kentucky Senator. The end is super creepy with us seeing all the ghosts and I mean ALL the ghosts. The sweetest was Karen with her son who died young. And of course, the narrator was the last we saw.