Tuesday, May 15

Avengers Film Review

Avengers Review

It has been a long while since I've done a Movie Review. I've been looking forward to this movie ever since it was announced Joss Whedon was directing. Congrats to Marvel and Disney for allowing to Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, one time writer for the X-Men comics, Buffy & Angel comics and also producer of The Cabin in the Woods) to co-write and direct this movie. I rarely say 'epic' in describing any superhero movie. Dark Knight was a fantastic movie but I wouldn't use the word 'epic.' I would say a 'comic superhero masterpiece' for Dark Knight. Now, the Avengers aren't widely known as Batman and Superman but I surprised at the lines waiting to see the movie and box office sales. It has been through word of mouth that it was good that people went to see. Plus, the success of Iron Man and cult audiences of Captain America and Thor that helped it. Marvel had the brilliant idea to release the Captain America and Thor films last year and then put them all together.

 Basic Plot: Dysfunctional egoistical 'superfreaks' are joined together (somewhat) to fight an alien army led at Loki (Tom Hiddleson), the adoptive blacksheep brother of Thor. The lighting god that has been called 'pointbreak' and 'shakespeare in the park', Thor is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans plays Steve Rodgers/Captain America, the once scrawny but now super-solider from World War II that was frozen and awoke to find all he knew was gone. Robert Downey Jr. reprises Tony Stark/Iron Man from his past two movies (Iron Man first came out in 2008), the snarky jackass millionaire. Mark Ruffalo takes over the role of Bruce Banner from Eric Bana (in Ang Lee's 2003 fair) and Edward Nurton (in 2008 film The Hulk) with a quiet but wary turn. The Hulk is seen scarcely and is a crowd-pleaser, the problem with the failure of the last two Hulk films was that there was too much of the monster and a movie just about the anti-hero is not enough. Scarlett Johnansen as Russian spy Natasha/Black Widow and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury get more screen time in this film, having previously being introduced in the Iron Man films. Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye, the archer, who got a cameo in Thor gets turn to the bad side by Loki along with a doctor character from Thor.
 Most of the time the team is separated and for good reason because at the end of the film, it is a thrill to see them all together. These seven just can't seem to get along and Loki knows that. Like Joss Whedon said in an interview, it is putting lead characters of their own movies in one movie that don't belong together. It has also been seen as an analogy of the United States in interviews, that all of them are lonely by themselves and have their own agendas but in time of crisis, must come together. The best parts in the film are when they clash with each other like Thor vs. Iron Man or Thor vs. Captain America or Cap vs. Iron Man or even the Hulk vs. everyone else.'Hulk Smash' indeed. Like any Joss Whedon film, there are plenty laughs and great one-liners. Some might regard this as a popcorn film but I feel it has the statement of community and also it is very in depth. Joss Whedon doesn't serve 'fan service' but he is such a well-crafted writer and storyteller, each character gets adequate screen time and callbacks. If you haven't seen any of the previous movies, you don't have to but I do recommend seeing at least one. And it isn't necessary to see all of them, but it is a thrill to see references to each film.

All in all, it is a great film. One of Joss' greats. And it is fun flick. Probably not recommended for young children for the innuendo, bad language and lots and lots of violence. But that goes with any action filck. Hiddleson as Loki goes buck wild as the crazy Loki, finding 'freedom' in slavery and saying humanity was meant to subjugate. Some say Scarlett doesn't have enough to do in the film, but I find her character refreshing. Most lone girls in teams are the 'heart' of the team and overly feminine, but here she kicks ass and takes names but still pulls the team together and shows a strong woman. Joss is always about strong women. And common Joss tropes in this film are witty one-liners, callbacks, a fun character dying, a portal, a shady governing organization and a count-down list of all the major players to the villain. As a gay fan, there are plenty of butt shots. Most directors cut the shots from the hero's head to waist. Joss delightfully cuts it at the feet or knees so you can seen butt. I know he doesn't do this on purpose. All the men are delightful to look at.

Tony Stark is the bad boy, the snarky jackass, good to one lay, he looks dirty but he's smart. Captain America, my favorite, is the clean cut All-American. Some say he is idealistic but the whole cast and crew see him as the most cynical. Thor has the long blonde hair and big arms and beefiness, not exactly my type but I see the appeal. Bruce Banner, not my type on paper but Mark Ruffalo brings this sinister and playfulness at the same time with a smile or a quip. Jeremy Renner is really hot as Hawkeye, his arms are so vascular and those dreamy blue eyes and that steel-look. Jeremy also looks hot when he was brainwashed. Anyway all the men are hot in their own ways and bring something to the table, as their personality counterparts.