Thursday, May 17

Community three episode Season Three finale

Community is so brilliant! I always mistake the Dean (played by Jim Rash ) for J.P. Manoux (Phil of the Future and Aaron Stone) in the second episode of the night ("The First Chang Dynasty") which semi-wraps up a year-long plot. Chang has taken over as the secruity and kidnapped the Dean. Even though 'Digital Estate Planning' is production number #22 aired first and was not the finale, it was a Pierce episode and most of it takes place in a video game that is a mix of early NES graphics and looks a bit like Zelda mix with Super Mario 2 (American version). 

Also all year the season has been hinting on a Troy and Brita romance. And the season finale is "Introduction to Finality." I don't like that NBC burned off the last three episodes of Community, but oh well. Parks and Recreation and The Office ended last week.