Thursday, January 12

Project Runway All-Stars Episode 2

Surprise surprise I am doing a review on Project Runway, but I didn't even know it was on. I was looking forward to this. lifetime has done zero off-channel promotion because I had no idea. I was not surprised at some returns like Mila, Mondo, Christopher, Austin, Kara, Rami and Michael and Sweet P but who I am surprised at is the one I hated the most---Kenley! Seriously? Kenley? Anyway, I was also surprised that boring Gordana was asked to come back. I like Kara, always liked her personality. It is not all-stars but more like D-List (not talking about Rami, Mondo, Christopher, Austin, and anyone before season 4). I love Tim Gunn but I welcome a change with Joanna, who we know as a judge before and I think she is a good mentor and different---as she asks the others who are their biggest competition, something Gunn wouldn't ever ask. The winner will be an editor and she is an editor, so it works.