Thursday, January 19

Miss Piggy on Project Runway All-Stars

 This was an awesome campy funny episode. I was looking forward to this episode! The designers had to make an outfit for her for the premiere of the Muppets (this obviously was shot before the movie came out). The costume designer of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City looked more campy in his outfit than Miss Piggy. Rami picked a stereotypical expected outfit for Miss Piggy but she loved it. Everyone else thought it was simple. Mila did a goth outfit. Gordana did a 'surprise!' boring and dull outfit. Michael made an outfit that was like for both Piggy and real women. Miss Piggy was just so hilarious and 'hiyah!' the costume designer for keep mentioning her ears. I would had liked to see her do that to Michael Kohrs or Nina Garcia. Will they ever guest judge?! Maybe they are saving it for the last.