Sunday, February 6

The Office - the Search - the best of the 7th season

Season Seven has been luckluster, kind of bitter and not really funny, only some interesting developments. Everyone is hoping Holly and Michael will get together. Holly has returned but she still had a boyfriend and Michael was impatient at them being together. Holly broke up with her boyfriend after an ultimatum. Now that she is single, she tells Michael she just can't be in a relationship with someone from work again. He is so sure it is a certainty. In this episode Michael and Jim go to someone important but Michael stops at a gas station to pee. Pam's mom locks Ceecee in a car on the way to the doctor and Jim leaves Michael alone without a cell or wallet. So Dwight, Holly and Erin go on a search for Michael. I love Erin and I love that included Erin. Dwight is just a cartoon character now, with no humanity. Michael tells the cameras to go away, but I don't know why the cameras didn't explain to them where Jim went.

Holly doesn't want to admit they are soulmates. The trio don't know where to go but Holly suggests the bakery, just for the smell of it. They then end up at a store and Holly writes a fake name for a cell phone company, which Michael also did and Dwight and Erin recognizes his fake name. They are then sure she is the key. Holly is hypnotized about an ad about a giant eggroll, which Michael is at the restaurant. Then in the restaurant, they find out Michael skipped out on a check and wrote 'Thief.' Holly doesn't want to admit she is the key and wants to head on the top of a building to see Michael, from the city. Erin follows her. When she is there, she ends up finding Michael, who wanted to see if he could see the DM office. The B-story is funny and entertaining about Pam having a caption contest for the other workers.

What a delightful episode, a wonderful episode. A diamond in the rough. Worth the watch.