Sunday, February 20

Family Guy - Terri Unmarried

Justin Timberlake played Paul in The Cleveland Show on Fox. The episode where Cleveland's best friend Terry's newest relationship is with a guy. Terry is hot and a player, never committed to a woman, but now he is serious with Paul. The scenes between Terry and Paul seemed a bit rushed. It seemed more caught up with the B-story where Rallo is trying to get off his habit of eating his own boogers. Yes, eww. Even more eww Justin Timberlake sings for the booger. Justin Timberlake used an accent for Paul and deepened his voice so he is kind of unrecognizable. If you are a JT fan and know his voice, you'll be able to recognize him, I hear his timber (pun intended) in between the accent. Paul and Terry even marry, let's see how long this lasts. But I am glad Terry is gay, they needed a gay character in the Family Guy universe that was just not an off joke---I know there is the two gay newcasters in American Dad, but they are not best friends to Stan. Anyway, it was a so-so episode but JT did a good job.