Tuesday, February 8

Glee - Silly Love Songs - Both Kurt and Blaine's hearts broken

Fans have wanted Kurt and Blaine to get together since the character of Blaine had been introduced. But in this episode "Silly Love Songs," Blaine tells Kurt he loves someone and he is inclined to believe it is him. But Blaine has the hots for a guy named Jeremiah who works at the Gap. Kurt and his girls at his house, they talk about he got his signals messed up. So he gets the Warblers to sing to him at the Gap. It is a very hot cover of Thicke but doesn't go well. Jeremiah is fired and tells Blaine he made it up all in his head, he tells him he is too young. It is funny and great of the episode, turning everything on its head, where Blaine is as clueless too. We all thought Blaine had it together. Kurt admits it to Blaine, that he has feelings for him. Blaine admits he was never anyone's boyfriend before and he is going to mess it up. So Kurt and Blaine are... it's not so clear. I believe they are taking it slow. It's real smart and cute.