Friday, September 10

Simpsons / Family Guy Character Comparisons

It has been mentioned before to death but I wanted to cover it. At least 15 or more similar characters. Granted not all the characters are exactly the same but some have similar themes.
Homer Simpson / Peter Griffin
I once discussed this with my ex, on how they Homer was like an idiot but not as retarded as Peter. Peter was registered as clinically retarded. Homer has gotten stupider it the years but Peter has gotten less sexist and more tolerant of women and gay people. Peter is older, in his forties and Homer has remained in his thirties. Both had multiple jobs but Homer has stayed at his job at the Nuclear plant.

Marge Simpson / Lois Griffin
Both are wives to fat dumb men and are housewives but that's where the similarities end. Marge has never burned a cigarette on her arm like Lois has. Lois started out as a politically-aware strong woman who was artistic in that hse wanted to be a theater director and she was a piano teacher. But now she has been revealed to be darker, she has done drugs, been with women and etc. Marge has had her moments but not as dark, she is still like an old-school mother.

Maggie Simpson/Stewie Griffin
Other than being babies and being able to handle guns, they are very different. Stewie is a football-headed, British-accent and diabolical, in his plot to kill his mother and rule the world, when he's not distracted by his love for Brian and ambiguous sexuality. Because Maggie doesn't speak, she is rarely used by the writers, but when she is, she can drag Homer from water and pull off dynamic strategies.

Bart Simpson / Chris Griffin
Other than be sons of the main marriage, they are completely different. Chris may seem dim but he has started to be smart in his own way, he has vast knowledge of pop culture but very little about girls. Bart is a bad boy and a sympathetic one. Even though he is 10, he can drive a car.

Lisa Simpson/Meg Griffin
Other than be sons of the main marriage, they are completely different. Lisa is almost a Mensa super genius for a 8 year-old and she is a Buddhist and a vegan. Meg is berated and humiliated by her family. They have two similarities: They have little to no friends and are misunderstood by their parents. In the future, Lisa becomes President and Meg becomes a man named Ron.

Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II / Brian Griffin
Well Brian speaks for one and he is completely independent character than the two Simpsons pets. But the Simpsons pets have done some amazing feats. Santa's Little Helper has even been a police dog. And Snowball II had been killed by Homer in recent seasons. Brian is an aspiring writer and can't find a good woman, he also has the hots for Lois, he once married her.

Abe Simpson / Francis Griffin
Even though Francis wasn't Peter's biological father, that doesn't matter. He wasn't as dim-witted or prone to spawn long stories like Abe. Abe is a military veteran who lives in a retirement home. Francis is an Irish Catholic who was forced to retire and accidentally killed by Peter.

Lenny Leonard / Glenn Quagmire
Okay, Lenny doesn't have much characterization and they are not similar at all. But they are skinny 'white' best friends of the main fat guy. Lenny has been alluded to have a bromance with Carl. Glenn's close friend was also Cleavland but things got messy when Quagmire cheated with Cleavland 's wife. Quagmire is basically a whore and rapist.

Carl Carlson / Cleavland Brown
They both were black friends of the main fat guys and names first start with the letter 'C'. Cleavland got his own spin-off but before he was a deli owner with a wife and son. Carl works at the nuclear plant with Homer and hangs out at the bar. It has been alluded to that he has a wife, we saw her once but we never heard of it again. Cleavland divorce his wife and his wife then died.

Police Chief Clancy Wiggum / Joe Swanson
Both cops, but Joe is more competent than Wiggum. Both have to storm into the protagonist homes to arrest them or bear bad news. Wiggum has a wife and dim-witted son. Joe Swanson has a wife, daughter and a dead son. Joe is a paraplegic that happened because of an accident, but he is sporty.

Sea Captain / Seamus
Both sea men, ha ha. They are very similar as they pop up for a joke. We don't know the Sea Captain's full name, sometimes it is alluded that he is gay. Seamus, we have discovered is a head on wood.

Apu N. / Carl
Both work at convenience stores. Apu is Hindu, Carl is not. We do not know much about Carl. Apu has a wife and eight kids and has stayed at the Simpsons home and has had episodes centered around him, Carl has not. Carl was Chris and Meg's boss at one point.

Moe Syzlak / Horace
Both own bars that the protagonist hang out at. Horace is a minor character and has never gotten his own episode, nor do we really know anything about him. Moe has though, he is bit depressive, almost even suicidal. Bart used to play pranks on him. Moe has had lady loves from time to time, he even bonded with Maggie on time.

Mayor Quimby / Mayor Adam West
Adam is an exaggerated version of a real life actor. Both are very irresponsible mayors that do crazy things.

Monty Burns / Herbert / Carter Pretersmitt
Well, not so similar, but I think Carter and Herbert can make up one Monty. As Monty is old and rich and evil. Carter is old and rich. Both torment the main fat guys. Herbert is just what the writers use to make old jokes with and so is Monty. Herbert is a pedophile and pervert and has an affinity for Chris.

Kent Brockman / Tom and Diane
They are newscasters. Kent mostly works alone, rarely do we see any other newcasters. Family Guy has a whole team with Tricia and Ollie. Tom has been explored, as he has a son with an upside down and martial problems. Kent has a daughter and has a sister who is in the news biz as well. Kent and Tom both are superficial and self-involved.

Doctor J. Hibert / Doctor Hartman
Both doctors, Hartman is well-meaning but a bit incompetent, or when needed, the voice of reason. Hibert is the voice of reason but he can laugh at inappropriate times.

Judge Roy Snyder / Judge
The Judge in Family Guy has no name, but he is black. Judge Synder changes color form Yellow to Black, but has mostly remained to be black and his toy is black. Roy Snyder is mostly easy going on the simpsons and says 'boys will be boys.' The Family Guy Judge has been hard on Peter.