Tuesday, September 21

Catch Me If You Ken - Fashion's Night Out

On September 9, 2010 for Fashion Night Out in New York, there was a truck that went around with six models as Ken Dolls and had three models for taking pictures.

Jason Morgan is the one in the middle in the blue jacket.

Above (left to right): Gallery Date, Movie Date, Picnic Date, Surf Date, Formal Date, and Tennis Date. I want to know who played them.

Formal Date is the brunette in the tuxedo, the bottom says "He's Always ready for a night on the town!" The Tennis Date says "He's got hot moves on and off the court!" The African-American one is the Picnic Date and the bottom says "He's a Breath of Fresh Air!" Not sure who played the others. Correct me if I was wrong.

The Asian one is the Gallery Date and the bottom says, "He truly is a work of Art!" The shirtless one is Surf Date is played by Chet Corey, the bottom says "He makes Sunsets Sizzle!" Movie Date, bottom says "He's Always a Showstopper." Not sure who played the others.

Damon W, Jeff Tomsik and Adam Miller also played Kens at Meets and Greets.