Sunday, September 26

Family Guy "And Then There Were Fewer"

Season 9 premiere is a 'whodunnit' episode inspired by the board game "Clue" and it is called "And Then There were Fewer" Two-Parter. These two episodes includes pretty much everyone from the show except for Lois' parents, the gang are invited to a big mansion for a dinner, arranged by James Woods, asking for amends. There is no flashbacks and pretty dramatic moments but surprisingly good storytelling. Yes, there is a lot of jokes, but you know what, for the FOX broadcasting, the jokes weren't distasteful, albeit for the jokes picking on fat people of course. There is only 2 new players, obviously to be fodder. Not to spoil much but pretty much all the killings are female characters, just two male, some known characters but all pretty much minor. As revelations go, it was good writing and good acting from Lori Ann too. The ending is semi-satisfying and pretty atypical of the show.