Wednesday, March 18

South Park: Superheroes and Villains

Tonight's episode of South Park is not only a parody of Dark Knight but an otiginal story where Cartman is "The Coon" and becomes jealous as always and wants revenge... from Mysterion, another 'super' hero. And I wanted Professor Chaos to be in the episode... he doesn't until the middle of the second arc. I was so thrilled. It is hiliarious how Butters is a good dude but Professor Chaos is a 'villain'; and Cartman is evil and he is supposedly a hero as the Coon. So Coon, Chaos and Disarray (Chaos' partner) are in search of the true identity of Mysterion. Cartman thinks it is Clyde first... then Kyle... then Stan and then Kenny. I thought it was Kenny. Mysterion goes to Kyle for help. And of course Dark Knight's 'unmasking' and 'scaraficing' stuff is used. When Mysterion takes off his mask, everyone knows how it is but we don't, because all the kids' faces look the same.