Friday, March 20

Dollhouse Episode 6: Damn Good

Dollhouse has been good but it has gotten Whendon-good, supposedly this is the last epiosde that the FOX network has tampered with. Thank god it hasn't been canceled yet, "Wonderfalls" only lasted 4 episodes. It has the Whedon-ian twists. The detective in search of the Dollhouse has finally fond Echo face to face, but she is programmed to be Patton Oswalt's wife. He is always delightful to watch and the go-to guy to be a prick. Anyhoo, the trail goes cold and Ballard hooks up with his plus-size neighbor Mellie who has been flirting with him. In the Dollhouse, while Victor has been getting boners for Sierra, there is suspicion she has been raped. Echo's father-like keeper finds out it is Sierra's jackass protector and he is punished... by being assigned to kill Tahmod's neighbor... SPOILER ALERT in white

So in a turn of events, while Echo is sent to distract Agent Ballard while Sierra's handler is sent to kill Mellie but the catch is that Mellie is actually an active and is activated to kill the rapist employee. Just like Victor's actor Enver Gjokaj was originally said to be hired as Victor, then then revealed to be Lubov, but then hired to be Victor. Joss Whedon has stated about Miracle Laurie (Mellie) that "the show simply moves too fast now for me to do what I wanted with her". He has hinted, however, that the character November may emerge later in the series.

Cool Show.