Monday, March 16

Kyle XY: Great Shows get Canceled

Kyle XY is a unique creature, Sci-fi, teen sexuality, comedy and family drama; It was appropriate for ABC Family but unfortunately it was too smart for its own good. Too good. Yet another to add to the millions of Brilliant but Canceled shows. It went out with a bang in this series finale, which was filmed as a season finale. Kyle has take down Latnok from making clone babies of him, that will be children without childhoods, and figure out his feelings for Jessi and Amanda. There is a great scene with Kyle's parents, Kyle and Jessi, in which they are so smart, smarter than the parents, that they take their word for it that their plan will work. The show is so smart to use Kyle's powers in a semi-realistic way and good how they use it. Also, there is a great scene with Jessi playing Oracle and Amanda playing Black Canary in working together, or another comic book reference... Betty and Veronica. My significant other loves the show and was not happy with the ending.