Thursday, July 30

Every Witch Way Season 4 Finale

 Season 4 is over and it messed things up and some of the writers tried to make it make sense but there were errors here and there and paid homage to past seasons like evil E from season 2 and the principal from season 1. When Emma chose Jax over Danny, she someone erased him with the continuum break and sent him to the Everglades. Only Emma remembered Daniel. She had to make her friends and Daniel remember. Mia, the Kanay from last year was brought to Daniel's new life as his girlfriend and somehow the events of last season where shady as no one remembered Mia either. Erasing Daniel from the history, Maddie never dated him, Andi and Diego growing up with Daniel, etc. In trying to make Daniel remember, they crossed over to the new show "Talia in the Kitchen" and took over a whole episode. Talia made some of Danny's memory return and in that episode somehow Andi and Diego remember Danny again and then forget him in the next ep of Every Witch Way.

Then once the continuum break is over, everyone remembers Daniel again and you have to remember the past again. Then in the finale, Emma gives Daniel his wish and sends him back to the Everglades, only Andi and her remember him and no one else, neither does he remember. Also different in this season is the exclusion of T3, it looks like they couldn't get the girl that played Daniel's sister back because only the boys appeared in two episodes. Now on to the Novoa family, in season 2 we find out Jax's mom died when he was young and he has some sisters. The continuum break or the writers some how erased the sisters and he now has one sister he never knew about. We get Novoa mansion which looks like a mansion in Doral, FL where the show was filmed. Jax's sister Jessie escaped from their mother who happens to be alive and happens to be friends with Ursula, Maddie's mom.

So Jax's mom is reunited with Jax and Jessie and they turn against their dad Jake but then Jake takes Jessie and Jax gets Jessie back. Jake tricks Jax to speak to him and find out his mother is indeed an evil witch. It was an interesting mystery to find out which parent was lying but it all ended up all too similar to season 2 finale in the school with the mom being banished and I would've like to see the father involved. I would had liked to see Jake versus his wife. The finale ends with Jessie going to W.I.T. Academy and Emma sending Andi as a guardian in training to the Witches in Training academy, the new spin-off. I am excited about the spin-off, I actually like the actress of Andi a more compelling actress than Emma's. I don't like that the finale ends in a cliffhanger but I guess we don't have to wait long for the spin-off.