Thursday, July 30

Adaption from Grachi to Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way is based on Grachi, a magical telenovela for Nick Latino. The same creators did Every Witch Way. Here I compare the two series. Grachi had 3 seasons and EWW had 4. But Grachi had more castmembers and more witches. Grachi and EWW both had the bad boy warlocks, kanays, evil principal, and rival witch but not the female kanay, time contimium break and zombie boyfriend of EWW. Grachi also had other differences that were not in EWW like more Panthers, more Gossips and more Sharks. Also there are more guys who rival for Grachi's love like Leo and Tony.

Graciela "Grachi"/Emma
Both mothers were dead and witches, both had a father who became a principal. Except Grachi's Dad married her rival Matilda's mom, in EWW Emma's dad just kissed Maddie's mom. I am not sure if she was a 'chosen one' like Emma. I am not sure about the evil clone either. Both fathers were named Francisco. 

Same name, similar, the heartthrob swimming athlete leader of the Sharks. Both had 3 siblings (2 guys, 1 girl in both versions). Grachi and Daniel were on and off. Daniel was with Matilda/Maddie in season 1 both versions. In Grachi, Daniel has a handsome cousin named Chema, he doesn't exist in EWW.

Both are the rival witches of the protagonist. Both dated Daniel and then dated Diego. Both had powerless witch mothers named Ursula. But Ursula married Francisco in Grachi, in EWW they ust kissed. Both mothers named Ursula. 

Mercedes "Mecha"/Andi
Both best friends of the protagonist. Both wanted to be guardians. In Grachi, we met Mecha's mom and they lived with Ursula and Matilda but not the case in EWW. Mecha dated Daniel's cousin Chema, but Andi dated the zombie Phillip, which that wasn't in the original.

Both Kanays and both named Diego. Diego dates Matilda in season 2 of Grachi and then Amaya in season 3. Diego dates Maddie through seasons 2-4 of EWW. Rafael De La Fuente who played Diego in Grachi and later played the principal's frog son in EWW.

Diego's gossip sister Rosa had more friends called the Pink Gossip, she wasn't solo like Gigi in EWW who was just on her own and named Miss Information. In Grachi, Diego and Rosa have a coach sister too.

Axel appears in Season 2 and 3, Jax in seasons 2-4 of EWW. Both are bad boy warlocks. Axel is the villain in Season 3 of Grachi and has a sister named Amaya who becomes Diego's girlfriend in season 3. In EWW, Jax's sister is ten and named Jessie. Jax had no best friend but Axel had one named Manu.

Evil witch Mia appears in season 2 and 3 of Grachi. Her last name in Grachi is Novoa, the last name is used for Jax in EWW. Mia is a kanay who wants to take down the Chosen One in Season 3 of EWW. She has a reduced role in Season 4 of EWW. In EWW, Mia was an only child while Mia in Grachi had a brother.

Cussy is the principal's assistant and Grachi's magic tutor in Grachi. She dates Julio, the principal's son and Sharks coach. In EWW, Nurse Lily never dates anyone but she is Emma's guardian and later a Witches' council member.