Monday, May 27

Arrested Development Season 4 Netflix Episodes (Part 2)

If you love Arrested Development, if you haven't seen these episodes, see them. I just want to praise the show. So you do care about spoilers, don't read this. If you don't care about spoilers, read this. And you already seen the episodes, what is the point of ready this? Because I break down the yarn they created. 

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Episodes 9-15

9. Smashed
Tobias is now Lucille Austero's therapist in the rehab clinic after being put as a sexual predator. He ended up in a jail. Mark Cherry (Daniel Amerman, "Colony Collapse") is also there. Everyone sings "Get Away." Andy Ritcher's twin Emmett that gets his face blurred. Debrie and Tobias meet again, Argyle Astero (Tommy Tune) tells Tobais they can't be together. "Mr. F" song is played again when Argyle says he is Mr. Fantastic. Tobias talks to Gob and moves in to Sudden Valley (giving me the clue that sex offenders might move to SV). We see a scene at the end of the double-date of Michael and Lindsey. Michael bumps into Argyle and Lucille. Argyle is going to chase Michael down for the money. Tobias has a heart-to-heart with Michael and finds out about Ron Howard-- he confesses about Rebel, he tells Ron to let go of Rebel, not knowing he was her dad, but what Tobias knew. Ron says he doesn't want Michael near Rebel. Tobias tries choking Ron. Michael kicks Tobias out of the movie. Lucille joins the musical and 'mothers' DeBrie.
 Tobias lies about getting the rights to the Fantastic Four musical. They went to the Cinco De Cuarto to do the musical. I like how Luicille was absent (since ep 4) for a couple of episodes and started sinking back into the them (since ep 8). Buster has been invisible since ep 2. Doctor Ron drops drugs in the harbor from Episode 6 and DeBrie drugs up. Lucille 2 blames Tobias (Lucile has been accusing a lot of people that night).  Tobias laughs at Lindsey not being able to throw money at Herbert Love from ep 8. Tobias dresses in blue with a wig to be Invisible Girl in a place of Debris but entered a boat driven by Marky (who can't tell faces). We are left in a cliffhanger at what happens with Marky hitting the Love campaign.

10. Queen B.
Bobby Lee, Amy Hill, and Suzanne Whang play the Jade Dragon Triad. The leader is 'Lu', Lucille. After the season finale, we find out the ship changed course and got flipped because she was angry at Lucille 2 who called her. I forgot to mention the fake divorce between Lucille and George. Her trial gets closer, she makes her alibi (key witness) Buster mad. That explains the shiny diamond-studded hook we see in the first episodes. She then discovers the family divey up her stuff (with a joke on George Michael who made a ashtray for her--her thinking it was him claiming it). We finally see the trial on Lucille, where none of her family is present. Lucille gets three to five while waiting in a restaurant freezer. She then enters in a country club prison which is like a fancy hotel. She confronts George Sr. about it. George Sr. puts her into the Jade Dragon Triad Gang thanks to China Garden (from ep 2). She got the Chinese to help with the wall of US and Mexico but needed Michael to sign off on it.

The gang tries killing her when the wall isn't built. So this is where Lucille wants Love to bring down the wall--the Four Favor Family Pact (Lucille-Goegre Sr.-Michael-Lindsey).  Lucille finds out that her prison family was also divying up her stuff. She calls Gob and finds out Tobias is working with Luicille 2--so she has Gob to build the war and joins the rehab center and wants Tobias to just write up forms and have her out but he tries to get her to talk. They have sessions of non talking. Tobias and Argyle talk about a villain. She finally talks, thinking they are talking about her. (Reference to Gangy, a monster film that Maeby made in reference to her) When she finds out it is on a boat, she joins the musical. She talks about herself in the musical. Oscar calls who he thinks it is Lucille 2 but gets Lucille 1. Lucille decides to get the Lidnsey-Love thing against Love. She plans to get away with George Sr. in the boat. Michael comes in (he never visited her in prison), she wants the signature, he wanted the signature to the movie. They both read the papers before signing. 

Michael reveals to Lucille that Lindsey was the lover of Herbert. She thinks that Rebel is with Ron Howard, but at this point he knows that Ron is his dad. He tries to find out about a second guy. He connects a dove and Gob thanks to Lucille. Lucille gets Gene Parmasan (Martin Mull) on the case to spy on Gob. The villain costume Lucille dressed in "Red Herring" could also pass for a regular outfit for her. Lucille wants a real divorce when she finds out the truth about George Sr. and Oscar at the Cinco de Cuarto. Oscar wants to run away with her (supposedly). Then she finds out he has been sleeping with Lucille 2. Tobias tells her she is not the villain, she says she is tried of it. She figured out she was the invisible girl. She sees a Ostrich pinata. She says will go back to rehab. 

Then we see a scene of Tobias and Marky, who meet each other and try to get the bomb off. Lindsey realizes the boat is the one with the bomb. The bomb ends up blowing up Marky and Tobias' boat. LOL
I think she could had have 2 episodes. Maybe because we know mostly everything from the past episodes, it didn't need to be filled in. But maybe we could had more stories on her in prison. I feel bad for Lucille.

11. A New Attitude
 Gob's second episode. Gob and Michael work together--Gob is to sell the Sudden Valley houses. Julie Bowen is brought up. Gob wants to destroy Tony Wonder (he thinks Tony Wonder humiliated him at his Anne wedding). Gob wants Michael to be his boyfriend. Gob tires to get Steve Holt involved but it didn't work. Steve Holt gets in a fight with him on his own birthday. Gob calls Michael George---using him as a boyfriend in the Gothic Castle. Gob and George Michael kiss and have a fake laugh. Gob locked everything he could find. He sees a fake Ostrich--he flashbacks to the storage facility he was stuck in. We get a cameo from the gay cop that was going to have a baby with Julia Dyfuss' character Maggie Lizer.

Gob ends up with Tony Wonder in a revenge love affair. He says he is sort of a celebrity. Gob filled the other houses with sex offenders like I thought in Episode 9. We find out that when Luicile calls Gob and he thinks it is who is dating---but it is TW. He tries to make a wall but tries to get immigrants and gets his Limo kicked. Gob meets China Garden and makes a wall with Chinese. Tony Wonder had his own trick with Sally Sitwell (who is Ben Stiller's real life wife)---also trying to have revenge with Gob. Sally Sitwell (Christine Taylor) was Lucille Astero's campaign manager and using the money for Tony Wonder. Gob goes to a kids Ball pit thinking it is the one to meet Tony Wonder, Michael follows him thanks to Gene Parmasan. Michael thinks he is with Rebel and both fight. Michael then finds out about sexual offenders in his houses and kicks him out of the movie. He also kicks Lucille out, his black eye explained---from a little birthday boy.

Gob and Tony Wonder meet. Tony Wonder wanted George Micheal's number to get the money from FakeBlock. Gob and Tony Wonder ending up connecting and being honest. Tony chose not to get to Gob's phone. Gob decided not to sabatoge Tony. They make a date to have sex on 'Cinco.' He bumps into Ann at Cinco de Quarto. Ann has a five year-old son and her father is Tony Wonder. At the model home which Gob knows it is to Catch the Predator and wants Ann to have sex with Tony Wonder with a Gob mask. Then he changes his plans with the Gob and Wonder mask. Ann bumps into Wonder. Ana planned her own trick by tricking Gob and Wonder to have sex with each other with Gob and Wonder masks. He bumps into Michael like he did in the first episode. We find out the 'homo much' is about him and that the person we saw was Tony Wonder and NOT Rebel, like I thought originally. Michael calls Lucille 2 about the loan. He also calls Rebel. Rebel is sleeping with someone and it is George Michael. Now, that is a good shocker.

 12. Senoritis
After the finale, Maeby pretends to be dead while Lindsey and Tobias are fighting. (Michael Cera does look older) There was a big CG diagram of what George Michael is a bad kisser. George Michael's idea was for Maeby to graduate but she chooses to flunk. She discovers they left town, leaving pictures of her. She ends up in India just like Lindsey and Tobias for Gangie 4. Maeby ends up in makeup as the Guru that advises Lindsey---I didn't recognize her. Maeby enrolled into a new school as a senior again. She did well in school until she finds out Lindsey and Tobias both dumping her for their loves and her house. She skipped the tiral and went to LA. Kitty fires her because she doesn't have a HS diploma. She squatted at Luicille's apartment where she finds Ostrich. She then squatts in the model home.

She then decided to become a senior... like for 3 years. So anyway George Michael tutors her. She then realizes what a waste she did with the past 7 years. She's 23 and in high school. We see the gay married cops for the catch of predator thing. Her boyfriend Perfecto, she finds out is a cop. She bumps into Barry Zuckercorn and finds out that over 21 is illegal. She takes a picture of him at the school. At Balboa looking for a check, she freed the ostrich in the balcony---how it ended up with Lucille 2. She finds out she is getting her lifetime achievement award and gets George Michael to drive her there. She meets her old boss Mort and finds out 'her career was over.' He tells her to start an internet company. She then sees Rebel again. She wants to tell people about Fakeblock, and inadvertently meets Rebel. She pushes the idea with George Michael. George Michael changes his name to George Maharis.

Mabey tells Perfecto that she knows he's a cop and he reveals stuff to her. He thinks she is 17. She bumps into Lindsey. Maeby makes a spectical of herself at the awards and runs from security. (seen in ep 8) Herbert Love's manager thinks Maeby is her pimp so he gives her money. She tricks Lindsey into having sex with Love. Maeby then pimps out FakeBlock (even to Jim Cramer). She got an apartment and Fakeblock office. She gets money from Lucille 2 to drive the car and gives him her old car. Funny enough George Michael says he never met Lucille Astero (but Buster did date her). Maeby worked 3 jobs: pimp, fakeblock, and high school. She hired Mort. George Michael is speechless. She wanted him to an app in 2 days, Cinco de Quarto. George Michael fires her. She meets Michael when the Ostrich went by at Lucille's house. Also, Perfecto is Lucille's fake child. Maeby signs Michael's papers. She has sex with Perfecto and bumps into Lindsey at Cinco de Quarto. Lindsey gives her the money from Love. She tricks Perfecto into roughing up Herbert Love, he never returns. She finds out he is an anti-bullying guy, not really a cop and 17. Lucille might be dead. She ends up getting arrested for sex offending.

13. It Gets Better
We open up on GM having a party and Rebel about to break up with him. We see Tracey and George Michael in something George Sr. made.. Baby Tock. George Michael went off to college after the finale, they had a party---which is what they were all there for since episode 1-- where Michael says they are leaving. Michael makes George Michael rip off the check---the rest of the family thought it was his birthday. Michael gave George Michael the Bluth Company car.  He got friends and then betrayls. He then joined a sexual lab and volunteered for experiments. Then we find out where the CG diagram of his mouth is. He then went to Spain, got a mustache and babysitted kids and then the woman makes out with him. He returns from Spain his senior year and gets a big room and then 2 months later, Michael moves in. George Michael and his friend tried working on an app of woodblock. They inadvertently get the name FakeBlock. Then he gets a job as a tutor, picks out Maeby, makes it as fate and tries seducing Maeby. George Michael made a lie that he came up with the privacy software which he didn't even make. He then they try to make it real.

Maeby and GM then go to the gala---3 separate events has been brought out (Opie Awards, Tony Wonder show and Love event). At the gala, they bump into David Henrie (Wizards of Wavery Place). GM meets Rebel and finds out that Maeby has a boyfriend Perfecto. He spotted Gibby from "iCarly." They all think Maharis did the light malfunction (Explosion at Love) at the events. GM's roommate Paul is told about Maharis. Maeby has gone on the PR machine, GM wanting to cancel it, Maeby said he wouldn't take advantage of him. Then Gob used GM, then GM went up to meet his dad since he voted him. He met Rebel, her thinking he is George Maharis. GM ignores the page for GM and then checks his message from his dad and then he gives the message he heard that he wasn't gonna be there. Michael goes upstairs after hearing about Rebel and meets with Ron. then Gm and his roommate fight over FakeBlock.

14. Off the Hook
On the 3rd of May, he had a beautiful single mother. After the finale, his mother had left and he continued his daily routine of laying Lucile's drinks and fixing her clothes. Once released under house arrest, she finds the liquor and fake Lucille. She tries escaping, he stops her. At the graduation party/meeting, tensions get bad (scene from Queen B). He bumps into Lucille 2. He destroys the fake Lucille and forgot the trail because too much sugar drinking juice with Lucille 2. Lucille tells him not to visit her. He then moves in with Lucille 2. He asks about the fake son (I thought perfecto happened years later). Buster tried visiting her but she rejected him. Lucille 2 gives him an ultimatum. He sold his hook and joined back with the US Army, where he finds out most people are gay (well the character Brain Wade of 'Big Bang Theory' is bi). Lucille got bad news about his son.

He played 'games' and was a drone pilot. He starts making mistakes. He realizes he is not a game. We have some guest stars from the Office, they played minor characters in "The Office." Also Diedrich Bader guests. Buster is given a big hand to replace the hook. Lucille tells him to grow up. Buster is given the 'Q-test' with the cat, he is discharged because he let the cat go. He has no where to go and meets Herbert Love's wife Ophellia. She wants him to live and helps with the boys. He helped Herbert on his campaign trail. (It is funny how the others didn't worry about Buster and Herbert didn't make the connection to George Sr. or even Lindsey) After the bomb explosion by Marky, he spent more time with Ophellia, kissing her. She mistook his 'mother stuff' for lover stuff. She gives him an ultimatium like Lucille 2 and chooses to be a 'man.' He then visits his mom and thanks him.

He bumps into Michael, he tries to get his signature. Ophellia told him that she want to have another chance with Herbert and breaks up with Buster. He wanted her to be his mother and his heart broken. he took the photos of Herbert and the 'propostitute.' He fainted and wasn't found. The night of Cinco de Quarto, he ran into Tobias and was recruited as Fantastic Four musical. Perfecto goes to Buster to scare Herbert. He sees Lucille 2 and gives her the photos of Herbert and Lindsey. She explains that she 'helped' him to miss the trial. He gets mad at her. Lucille explains she was dating his father for the last couple of weeks. Buster sees Herbert and knocks him out and runs away. He then sees Lucille 2 knocked out and bloos in his fingers. He then visits GM about using the security program. Buster visits Balboa Towers and tries to fakeblock the footage and hears the ticking that George Sr. used back in the day.

15. Blockheads
We open to Michael and GM avoiding each other at a country club and say its a traffic jam. GM and Rebel talk of fathers. GM and rebel get in a photobooth while Michael and Ron talk outside. Oh, I was mistaken--this was a George Michael episode too. GM calls Michael at his double date with Love and Lindsey. He then calls Rebel and she pulls away from Michael. P-Hound gets mad at GM for kicking him out. Rebel arrived and they had sex in the dorm. P-Hound made a grievance with the dorm people. They got more twins to vote. Everyone voted GM out. GM bumped into Gob, who tries to get him to forget with a forget-me-now (about the gay incident at the castle club). Gob gives GM a house in Sudden Valley, all the Sex Offenders gave him a party, thinking he looks like a teen. This explains the friends he has in the beginning in episode 13. He invites Rebel, who introduces her to Lem, his son. The men then disappear. Rebel says she doesn't want to get serious with either her and Michael (who he doesn't know is the other guy). He shares this with Maeby at the FakeBlock office.

GM fires Maeby. Michael reveals to Maeby that she is with Rebel Alley. She saw an opportunity to get back to GM and tells Michael that Rebel is dumping 'the other guy'. Michael goes to Rebel and have sex. He grabbed a picture of them at the photo booth. He then realizes that the second guy is Michael. He kicks Maeby out of the movie---after she has sex with Perfecto. He runs into Michael--finds out he bought a house. Michael doesn't give him the bad news about the neighborhood but then the girlfriend comes up and the movie comes up. Michael treated GM like an adult, saing both were down. Argyle left Michael a note. Michael gets drunk, thinking to have sex with Luicile 2. GM bumps into Gob at Cinco de Quarto, he has to give the keynote but he is living a lie. Gob of course doesn't listen to it.

Gob goes to George Sr. after Lucille breaks up with him (Ep 10). Gob doesn't hire a Mongel hoard to build the war. Michael tries to kiss Lucille and she knocks him out... twice. He threatens Lucille. Mongels started trashing the place and stole Lindsey's necklace---which they were not Mexicans after all. When GM was about to do his keynote, he sees a note: "You are about to get screwed Like you never been screwed before."- -Anonymous He said he was George Maharis and saying FakeBlock up. The Anonymous was the actual Anonymous. Next day, Gob and Michael meet and Gob gets roofied after seeing Wonder and GM has sex with Rebel (with the note he thought was hers but then she thought was his). Rebel was on the phone with Michael, GM wants to fight for her and get serious. Rebel was okay with it. 

GM bumps into Michael at the building. GM sees the cactus says Rebel and Michael tells him the truth. GM explains the George Maharis thing. They both wouldn't gone out with Rebel if they didn't know. GM punches Michael (Michael had taken the forget-me-now). At the end of that, Lucille calls Gob that Lucille 2 disappeared and make Gob the president. Tony did take a forget-me-now and wants the sex date. Then police go into Lucille 2's house and arrest Buster for killing Lucille 2. Inadvertently they only have Buster's signature so they say they will go along with the movie.

I guess this whole Lucille 2 disappearance will be solved in the movie if they ever make it. Cool 15 episodes. I would've like to see more of Lidnsey as a politician and George Sr. as a woman but again, I guess that's for the movie.