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Arrested Development Season 4 Netflix Episodes (Part One)

If you love Arrested Development, if you haven't seen these episodes, see them. I just want to praise the show. So you do care about spoilers, don't read this. If you don't care about spoilers, read this. And you already seen the episodes, what is the point of ready this? Because I break down the yarn they created. 

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There is 15 episodes. Each episode focuses on just one character. 7 years have passed since we last saw them. So they show us what happened since the season 2 finale, the past 7 years and now. It does get a little confusing. 6 characters has 2 episodes each which are Michael, Lindsey, Gob, George Bluth Jr., George Michael and Tobias. Lucille, Maeby, and Buster got single episodes and shoved to the end episodes. Each episode has events that interlope. Some are obvious like who Lindsey hits in her airplane, kicks in the airplane, and her bus in India runs over.

One of the big plots of the 15 episodes is presidential candidate Herbert Love to put up a wall between Mexico and USA. George Sr. wanted to put it up to get the money but later finds out the land, they would have trouble. What is awesome is that we have flashbacks of young Lucille, George Sr. and Lawyer Barry Zuckercorn. George played by Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig does a great awesome job as Lucille. Henry Winkler's son Max Winkler plays young Zuckercorn with hyper energy.

Episode 1-8
1. Flight of the Phoenix
About Michael. Present time is Cinco de Quarto, a party before Cinceo de Mayo. Before, Michael stays at George Michael's and is eventually kicked out. I don't like how this episode paints Michael, it shows him in a bad light. Michael makes a big deal of being in an article in an airline magazine but they use a picture of him begging. Michael finally created Sudden Valley but it had no road leading to it and it killed phone signals so it failed. Their model home is within this. Michael finds his mom's penthouse ransacked by an Ostrich.

2. Borderline Personalities
About George Senior and Oscar. George lives on Oscar's line between Mexico and USA (or what they think so) and they have a heating lounge for CEOs. It is really hot, Oscar goes in but George Senior pretends its him. Oscar and George Senior saw a vision, an ostrich man that makes them change. Geroge becomes more like Oscar and Oscar becomes more like George. John Slattery of Mad Men plays a crazy doctor Dr. Norman. Mary Lynn Rajskub plays mute Heartfire. We later find out that the hut was owned by Gob in the episode 'Colony Collapse.' Oscar finds out about the land and backstabbing and has sex with Lucille pretending to be George Sr.

3. Indian Takers
Lindsey goes to India, leaving Tobias. (But we later find out that Tobias on the same flight, which I think its pretty stupid but thats how the two characters are) Lidnsey meets a guru who later turns out to be Maeby who tells her to find love back home. Going back home, she hooks up with Tobias again. Lindsey and Tobias get a big ass mansion (with guest star Ed Helms as a Realtor). They got to what Tobias thinks is an acting class but is a group to help addicts for methadone but someone gives them methadone. Lindsey ends up with Marky (played by chameleon Chris Diamantopoulos--who was in 24 just like Mary Lyunn Rajskub) and Tobias with DeBrie (played by Maria Bamford). Marky can't distinguish faces, lives on a small Ostrich farm with his shrill mother.

4. The B Team
Michael drives a Google car. Ron Howard finds out about Michael through the airline magazine. Michael is offered by Ron Howard to make a film about his family and needs to get a signature from his family. He struggles to get one from his dad. He decides to form a team made of Carl Weathers, the prison warden Warren Gentles and Andy Ritcher. This episode has a lot of Hollywood cameos. Michael also meets a pretty actress girl he can't get her name. He gets an office that has a confusing name. Michael thinks that George Sr. is kissing Luicille 2 but it is Oscar.

5. A New Start
The title is a reference to Tobias' license plate 'A Nu Start' which makes people think it is 'Anus Tart.' Anus Tart is first referenced in "Indian Takers." Episode starts with a show like "To Catch a Predator." Tobias tries to see Maeby but he talks misleading going to his Sudden Valley home but he gets arrested (we see some of this in "Red Herring"). I don't like Tobias nor David Cross but this is an endearing episode. Picking up from the finale, Lindsey finally confessed to Tobias that everyone thinks he is gay, which shocks him. He goes to India and doesn't notice that Lindsey is on the same flight. Tobias gets runned over a bus which Lidnsey is in. He ends up in the hospital and then goes home. With DeBrie (Maria Bamford), she ends up in the hospital. They try to 'act' by being Invisible Girl and the Thing on the street and get arrested. Tobias went to Luicille's apartment where Luicille 2 is being attacked by an Ostrich (she sang "Getaway" from "Colony Collapse"). She offers him a job at her rehab center. He declines, DeBrie gets mad and ends up with Gob's entourage. Tobias then ends up being arrested and caught.

6. Double Crossers
It starts out about Oscar and George Sr. but then devolves into Michael and Gob. George Sr. tries to get Herbert Love to support the wall with a check that Lindsey found from Lucille to Maeby. George Sr. later finds out he doesn't have the land. So he tries to get Herbert Love to be against the border. Luicille has Oscar, who she thinks it is George, to get Gob a job. Gob comes in and bees comes out of the limo and attacks the people of George. Bees enter the hut that once belong to Gob but we don't know that yet. Michael and Gob has a heart to heart, Michael sad about having to sell out his son for the movie. We find out that Gob has a girlfriend---which might be Rebel Alley, which is hinted in "Colony Collapse" George Sr. slowly becomes a woman without an known explanation. Dr. Norman says he has very little testosterone. George Sr. takes the wig that Lindsey threw away that belong to Luicille 2 (which we find out in "Red Herring")

7. Colony Collapse
Gob inadvertently proposes to Ann (Mae Whitman) after having sex with her and we see Alan Tudyk as her dad again. He tries a magic act and tries running out on her but ends up unconscious stuck in a trap. He then ends up in the hospital. He meets up with his son Steve Holt (Justin Wade with a bald cap) and he offers him a job which he doesn't go to. He ends up in an entourage with teen singer Mark Cherry (shoutout to Marc Cherry) and JBJ (Park and Recreation's Ben Schwarz). He takes a bunch of roofies in a circle and ends up again in a hospital. He freaks out the party boys so Mark Cherry writes a song called "Get Away"--which Luicille 2 sings in "A New Start." His bee colony is going well. Johnny Mark (Clint Howard) and Marky's mom make an appearance. Gob puts his bees in the back of the limo and picks up some women (including DeBrie). They have him close the partition window and Debrie lets go the bees and they all get bee stings. Gob goes to backstage of a show and thinks he is sabotages Tony Wonder's act---he actually sabtoges Marky's paint bomb. (The narration plays a diversion for us as Maeby runs by with a award). After more failure, his mom calls him, he goes to his dad's and discovers his cave. He finds out someone wedged shut his escape door, thinking it is Tony Wonder.

8. Red Herring
I love Lidnsey, this is one of my favorite episodes. We find out that the vision that the twins saw was Marky. Marky has a new bomb at Cinco de Quarto for Love. This episode is jam-packed even with a little cameo of Annyong. Lindsey lives with Marky and her mom in the desert but it is next to where Oscar and George Bluth Sr.'s compound. (When you think about it, Gob let go bees that Marky's mom raised) They end up at Lucille's penthouse for a year, make it a mess as they are 'homeless.' Marky makes a paint bomb. Lindsey ends up being friends with Luicille 2 making banners and she is a kind mother to her. She finds the check Luicille made for Maeby and visits her in a fancy jail. Luicille tells Lindsey the one she is looking for, is just like her. Lindsey ends up getting a wig from Luicille 2 and being a redhead and falling for Herbert Love at his event that Marky plans to paint bomb. (the Ostrich attacks Luicille 2 and makes the penthouse a mess) She gives the check to George Sr. and runs into Maeby. 

Marky gets arrested when Lindsey forgets to let him out of the podium--the one Gob sabatoges. He is all blue and she is turned off by his resemblance to Tobias. Lindsey tries to get Marky out by flirting with Herbert Love but bumps into Michael. There is something about Michael and George Michael missing each other. Lindsey and Michael end up double-dating with Herbert Love and Rebel (who Michael still thinks is Ron Howard's mistress). Herbert and Rebel dont get along. Lindsey sees who she wants to be--Rebel. Herbert leaves Lindsey, she bumps into Marky again---who is going to have another bomb at Cinceo de Quarto. Much like George Sr. morphing into a woman in Cinco de Quarto, Lindsey transforms into a blonde waspy candidate, by ditching the wig--the same wig that George Sr. gets. We also find out that Sally Sitwell is the campaign manager of Lucille 2.

[Continued in the next post, Episodes 9-15]