Tuesday, March 20

I love Cougartown but bad casting!

I love "Cougartown" but don't like its new day and time, I miss it on Wednesdays at 9:30, but it is NOW on Tuesday at 8:30pm. Please watch Cougartown! I don't like the new cast members such as Garrison's ex-wife  Holly (Briga Heelan) and Nicole Sullivan as Lynn as abrasive and doesn't quite gell. It was a good episode with Travis and Laurie stuff and also Ellie and Bobby surfing stuff. Sarah Clarke is welcoming and fun, she does jell with the cast but she does seem too much like her Scrubs' character Elliott Reid. Anywayz, the Holly character doesn't mix well, it seems she just walked out of stereotype book. The characters are anti-stereotype and seeing her in there is like an abrupt cartoon interference. Boo casting!