Sunday, May 1

Seth Macfarlane's Crossover Night postponed

This Sunday there was to be a crossover between the three cartoons Seth Macfarlane has created such as Family Guy, The Cleaveland Show and American Dad but it was pulled tonight.
A couple of days ago, CNN announced the grim 24-hour long storms that mostly devastated Alabama, actually caused nearly 300 deaths. Earlier, local reports had only discussed fallout from the storms occurring in particular areas and the destruction seemed less ruinous. With the final tally, the situation became even more tragic, and will be cemented into cultural consciousness as the weeks go on. It came as no surprise when Fox pulled its Sunday night cartoon plan out of this week’s lineup. This week’s planned crossover plotline, featuring a hurricane catastrophe, couldn’t have been less timely.

Initially, when news of the storms hit, Fox pulled promotion for the crossover episodes, including American Dad, Family Guy, and The Cleveland Show. Had the storms been less damaging, this might have been enough. However, in lieu of the tornadoes, Deadline is reporting Fox decided to air reruns this week. The pulled episodes will be gone from this season altogether, but could air next year.