Friday, May 6

Lady Gaga - Judas -- That Aint' Stephen Dorff -- It's Norman Reedus

"I like the lipstick part, because that was sort of last minute," the "Walking Dead" star said. "She just jumped up [and was like], 'I have this great idea. I'm gonna put lipstick in front of you, and right before you kiss Jesus, I'm going to pull out this gun, and I'm gonna pull the trigger, and then a lipstick's [gonna come out], and then I'm going to put it on you like I'm enabling the kiss!'

Many people think the dude in the video is Stephen Dorff ("Blade") but he was in the second Blade: Blade II and the Walking Dead. "My reaction when I saw it? I was excited to see my motorcycle in it first off, 'cause that's my bike that I ride, and I thought it was really good," he said. "I thought that [co-director] Laurieann [Gibson] did a really good job and Gaga did a good job, and I know there's a lot of work put into it, and I could see all the work on the screen, so I liked it."

I love Norman Reedus, he is an awesome actor and awesome guy and has never got his credit where credit is due. Sorry guys, he has a wife and kids and straight, but still cool. Now a pressing question, who played Jesus?

He is Rick Gonzalez of Coach Carter and short-lived CW series "Repaer."