Wednesday, June 27

Rainbow Brite Early Designs

 No surprise I have love Rainbow Brite, it is now nearing 34 anniversary of Rainbow Brite. The designs were designed initially by G.G. Santiago. These pictures from Hallmark's facebook page. 
Here are the final designs. Top (Left to Right): Red Butler, La La Orange, Yellow Canary, Patty O'Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet. Bottom (L-R): Moonglow, Stormy, Rainbow Brite, and Tickled Pink.

Rainbow Brite
Here are primilary designs by G.G. Santiago of Rainbow Brite. The last one is closer to the final design which Hallmark asked to ditch the pigtails and the space helmet. 

Scarlet Rose
Before Red Butler, there was female red Color Kid. Apparently she was a congo girl and then a musical cowgirl. They then decided she should be a boy and renamed Red Butler.

La La Orange
La La Orange's final hair color was brown and not orange. Here one is closer to her final hair color and the other was orange. 

Canary Yellow
She stayed a dancer in the end.

Patty O' Green
Her hair stayed about the same but her outfit changed. 

Luna Blue
Before Buddy Blue, there was Luna Blue. I like both designs. One looks very much like Rainbow Brite and La La Orange's final designs. The other looks a little like a ballerina like Canary Yellow turned out to be. She was later changed to the male sporty Buddy Blue. 

Shy Violet
It seems Shy Violet always had glasses and her outfits always seemed awkward. 

She always was African-American it seems but her costume seem more purple than Indigo. 

Tickled Pink
She seemed to have both pigtails but her costume was more ballerina like. 

Baby Brite
The early design is left and the final is right. I kind of like the early design. Baby Brite only appeared in the "Beginning of Rainbowland" and she was mostly remembered as a toy. 

Stormy's final design had purple and green and blue but this early design seemed mostly purple and had interesting hairstyle. 

Renamed as Twinkle because of the gay adoption of the name as slang for a young-looking man, Twink had a strange design that had butterfly wings, kid socks and a button nose. 

Neon Kid
Okay that is not her real name but this was a design for a unreleased Color Kid. I guess this was the next step. But the show and toyline was cancelled and didn't continue. I like the design but I always wished other colors got love like Fucshia, Periwinkle, and Chartreuse. Anyway I like her transparent jacket. It was almost the 90's and neon colors were the rage. 

Color Castle
I love the Color Castle design but I never knew it has seven towers having to do with the Color Kids. I always wanted a toy for it but they never made it. There was prototypes for a toy.