Sunday, October 16

Once Upon A Time - Part Two - Stories Not Told... Yet

"Once Upon A Time" has been running for 5 years on ABC. Season 6 is about 'Untold stories' and many stories have been told, which ones are left? You would be surprised, there are many Disney stories and other literature yet to be told.

Princess and the Frog
I'm surprised the Princess kissing a frog hasn't happened yet. The original story a Princess loses her golden ball and a frog helps her get it and she kisses him, revealing a prince. For Disney, it was set in 1912 New Orleans with a want to be entrepreneur turning into a frog when she kissed a frog prince. 

Native American historic person turned into a Disney Romeo & Juliet would be hard to tackle, do they go with the true story or the Disney version? The real version is a little girl stops a old man from being killed. The Disney version? Both were the same age and fell in love.

As they turned Little Bo Peep into a villain, I don't see how a basic robber and squatter can't be adapted. The story of a girl who breaks into a house and is mauled to death.

Hunchback of Norte Dame
Probably because of prosthetic and believably they haven't done this. Sounds like a deformed man living in a bell tower in love with a gypsy.

As they have done Hercules and Count of Monte Cristo, I am not surprised they haven't done this. The story of a boy raised by gorillas in the jungle. Sounds familiar?

Jungle Book
Given that it was adapted into a live-action version shouldn't deter OUAT as Cinderella became live-action and they still tackled it again after the fact in Season 6. But given Tarzan and Jungle Book are similar, maybe not in the same season. The story of a boy raised in the jungle...

She was animated by the legendary Don Bluth. The story is about a tiny person who falls in with a bad crowd, almost marries a toad but ends up with a fairy prince. I guess with the iff-y special effects with Jack and the Beanstalk, the OUAT crew have skirted tackling this one.

Man in the Iron Mask
If Leo Di Caprio can do it, why not OUAT? Apparently it was a true story but made itself into literature.

Prince and the Pauper
If Mickey Mouse can do it, why not OUAT? Originally written by Mark Twain, it was about dopplegangers who switched places.

Mary Poppins
This has been mentioned before, a movie was even made about how the original author of the story was convinced by Walt Disney to make a movie. Since they covered Cruella De Vil, I'm sure they can do Poppins.

Davy Crockett
Real life legend had a Disney series.

 Don Quixote
The Man of the Mancha can for sure appear from the land of untold stories. I don't know why they haven't done him yet.

Zorro had a Disney series, he also come from a book series like 20,000 leagues under the sea, Mary Poppins, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Tom Sawyer
I just mentioned Mark Twain, we can't forget this American classic of a southern boy.

Secret Garden
I loved this book as a kid about a girl and a handicap boy and a garden. The story was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

And I'm sure there's more!