Saturday, March 26

My Idea/Dream Casting: Young Avengers TV Series

With Jessica Jones and Daredevil doing really well on Netflix and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter not pleasing fans, I see more opportunity for TV series from Marvel. My idea is the popular comic Young Avengers, young superheroes that are sort of inspired by the adult Avengers. I'm not the only one thinking this:

Superpowered teens team up and defeat a villain but one of the Avengers come in and confiscate their stuff and threaten to tell their parents. The Young Avengers save the day and prove themselves to the Avenger. In the comics, it was Iron Man and Captain America. But if this will be on TV, they can either go with Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) or even Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson). Most dream casts online have included Iron Lad or Spider-Woman but I decided to steer clear to it and focus on the power couple of Wiccan and Hulkling. 

Teddy Altman/Hulking
Description: Hulking in the comics is the hybrid offspring of a Kree/Skrull mating. Hulking is usually easygoing, polite and respectful, and only really loses his temper after extreme provocation.While he sometimes adopts an aggressive persona to intimidate when ’Hulked-up‘, he rarely actually gets angry, usually only at serious threats to those close to him, particularly Wiccan. 
Powers: His shapeshifting abilities allow him to impersonate others, alter parts of his body or add entirely new abilities. He can add claws, extend his reach, create body armor, or grow wings. 
Dream Cast Actor: My dream casting would be Peyton Meyer (Lucas in "Girl Meets World") who is still a teenager and has that 'awe shucks' appeal. 

Billy Kaplan/Wiccan 
Description: Regularly bullied in school because of his homosexuality. While patterning himself after Thor in the guise of 'Asgardian,' he flew and did lightning based spells. By stating an intent and focusing on the outcome,  In the comics, he is linked to Scarlet Witch but if they can't get the actress for the show, they can cut that out or allude to it like CBS' Supergirl has done with Superman. Billy is generally even-tempered, except when Hulkling is in serious trouble. While he’s still easily rattled in combat, he generally keeps a cool head, and can get irritated by Hulkling’s impulsiveness.
Powers: Wiccan is capable of mass teleportation, telepathy, telekinesis, portal creation, clairvoyance, mind control, pyrokinesis, telekinetic force beams and etc.
Dream Cast Actor: Keir Gilchrist of United States of Tara and It Follows, many fans have agreed he would be a perfect fit. 

Kate Bishop/Hawkeye
Description: She is the sort-of co-leader of the Young Avengers for a time in the comics, I say in my imagination of the TV series she is the active leader. To avoid confusion, I might just refer her to as Kate. Kate comes from a rich family and is not comfortable with it. Self-confident and forthright, Kate can be outspoken, and has no hesitation about standing up to anyone. If she believes them to be wrong she will just ignore their advice as soon as they’re out of sight.
Powers: Kate is highly skilled at archery, fencing, swordsmanship, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat. She carries two battle staves similar to those once used by Mockingbird, a sword similar to the Swordsman's, as well as Clint Barton's bow and arrows. In the comics, Black Panther had also supplied her with trick arrows.
Dream Cast Actor: Sarah Hayley Orrantia of the Goldbergs (Erica Goldberg), she is also a singer/songwriter, having been on the show "X Factor." She is hilarious on the show. 

 Tommy Shepard/Speed
Description: In the comics, the team find him in a high-powered facility in Springfield that Kate initially describes as "just juvie", though the facility and its staff are equipped with advanced offensive and defensive technology such as robotic suits and power dampening containment cells. Tommy is there because he "accidentally" vaporized his school. When they release him from his cell, it is immediately noted that Tommy, a white-haired speedster, bears a striking resemblance to Billy ("twin-like") and Quicksilver, sharing the latter's hair color and similar abilities. In fact, spoiler alert: they are indeed brothers.
Powers: Speed is a mutant with the power to move and accelerate at speeds far beyond those of normal human beings. His physiology is designed to move at high speeds which also grants him superhuman reflexes, agility, and durability. 
Dream Cast Actor: Thomas McDonell plays Finn in "The 100", he was the bad boy in Disney's Prom and has appeared on shows like "Suburgatory" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." 

Ms. America/America Chavez
Description: A Latin-American LGBT teenager named America Chavez was raised by her mothers in the Utopian Parallel, a dimension out of time and in the presence of the Demiurge. In the comics, America's mothers sacrificed themselves to seal the black holes pulling Utopia into the Multiverse resulting in their particles being smeared across the Multiverse itself. She is quite a tough independent staunch personality and disposition, and has independent sass and anger issues in Young Avengers,
Powers: She appears to have inherited or absorbed some or all of her superpowers from the Demiurge's ambient magical presence. She possesses superhuman strength and move at super speeds, and the power of flight. Chavez also has the power to kick open holes in reality, allowing her and her teammates to travel through the multiverse and into other dimensions. 
Dream Cast Actress: Cierra Ramirez from The Fosters on Freeform (ABC Family). 

Stature/Cassandra Lang
Description: Even though she appeared in Ant-Man film as a little girl, we don't know exactly where this series can take place. So either it is made a few years later or takes place years in the future. The show could have interesting daddy issues sub-plot if they manage to get Paul Rudd to guest star. 
Powers: Cassie Lang has the ability to increase and decrease her size. Her abilities seemed to be fueled by her emotions. She grows when she gets angry and shrinks when she feels guilty. 
Dream Cast Actress: Skyler Samuels from Scream Queens