Tuesday, February 10

Where are they now?: Top Ten Late 90's and Early 00's Teen Idols

Thad Luckinbill
Teen Idol Status: He got his start on MTV's "Undressed" as Kyle in 1999 and JT on the "Young and the Restless" from 1999-2010. 
Now: He played Nathan in Nikita, but that was canceled. He has been in The Good Lie and Rizzoli & Isles. He has been married to Amelia Heinle since 2007.

 Ryan Merriman
Teen Idol Status: Even though he was a kid actor (Young Jarod in The Pretender), he became a teen idol with Disney Channel movie Luck of the Irish, Nikko in Veritas: The Quest and Final Destination 3
Now: He recently married Kristen McMullen, his first marriage lasted seven years. He recently played Ian on "Pretty Little Liars." He is now 31 years old.

 Erik Von Detten
Teen Idol Status: He played the voice of Sid in Toy Story and Toy Story 3. He played Karl in Dinotopia, Chris in Complete Savages and Josh in The Princess Dairies.
Now: He has kids. But hasn't done much acting gigs, his recent were Toy Story 3, Family Guy and Bones in 2008.

 Riley Smith
Teen Idol Status: Disney Channel film Motocrossed and Not Another Teen Movie. He played Jared on Bob Saget's WB sitcom "Raising Dad," Kyle Singer in "24" and Andy in "Joan of Arcadia."
Now: Mark on "The Messengers", Keith on "True Blood" and "True Detective." He was also on "90210."
 Devon Sawa
Teen Idol Status: Played Human Casper in Casper, Mark in Wild America, and has been in Now and Then, SLC Punk!, Idle Hands and Little Giants.
Now: He is married to Dawni Shanaovitch and has a daughter. He played Sam in "Nikita." Next up for him is Punk's Dead and Life on The Line.

 Shane West
Teen Idol Status: Rocker Eli in "Once and Again," Bentley in "Get Over It," Ryan in "Whatever It Takes" with James Franco and Landon in "A Walk to Remember."
Now: He was on ER, Nikita and now John Alden on Salem.
 Sean Faris
Teen Idol Status: He got his start as Darren on MTV's "Undressed" in 2001 He was in "Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks," Dino in "Life As We Know It" and Craig in "Reunion."
Now: He has been on "Supernatural," "Vampire Dairies" and Gabriel in "Pretty Little Liars." He was in Never Back Down with Cam Gigandet.
 Jason Behr
Teen Idol Status: As Max on "Roswell." He also played Chris in "Dawson's Creek" and Dempsey in the canceled ABC drama "Push."
Now: Unfortunately he hasn't gotten a lot of gigs. In the years after Roswell, he was in plenty of films (like Tattoo and Skinwalkers) but they never took off. Recently in 2012 he played Damien in "Breakout Kings"
 Bryce Johnson
Teen Idol Status: He also got his start as Cliff in "Undressed" in 1999. Since he played Josh in Ryan Murphy's "Popular," Ryan had him on his other shows like "Nip/Tuck" and "Glee."
Now: Bryce has been in the gay brothers flick Max + Harry and he has been on Dating Rules from My Future Self, Death Valley and played Darren on "Pretty Little Liars."

 Kevin Zegers
Teen Idol Status: As a kid, he got fame for the Air Bud movies but he got in teen idol status with a gig on "So Weird" and "Smallville" and also the NBC soap "Titans." He is Canadian.
Now: In 2005, he played gay hustler Toby traveling his father who has transitioned into a woman (Felicity Huffman) in Transamerica and played Damian in "Gossip Girl." He is married and has a kid. Recently he was in "Gracepoint."