Wednesday, April 18

ABC sitcoms on Wednesday mirror each other in plots

Even though "The Middle" was a rerun, one of its plots mirrored tonight's plot of "Modern Family." And the plot of the new "Suburgatory" was similar to "Don't Trust the B... in Apt 23." "The Middle" had Axl writing a paper on a life-changing experience and was about adventure and family. In "Modern Family," a neighbor dies and Phil wants to share a big memory with his middle daughter because he realizes they didn't have a moment like that. It wasn't exactly the same but had a similar theme. Both were just subplots. "Suburgatory" had a major plot point reuniting Jeremy Sisto with Alicia Silverstone (as they were last together 17 years ago in Clueless) where they had a first date and had to stop because of complications. Same thing in "Don't Trust the B... in Apt 23." That is where the similarities end. 

In "Suburgatory," Jeremy's character George meets a woman he likes (Silverstone) but finds out she is the surrogate mother to his friend and his wife. His friend and his wife don't want them to be together and George begrudgingly breaks up with Silverstone. In "Don't Trust the B... in Apt 23," the bitch gets her roommate June hooked up with what seems like a great guy (Michael Landes)... who ends up to be her father... who later turns out to still be married. In Suburgatory, George gets back with Edna (Silverstone) but in "Don't Trust," June doesn't get back with Scott (Landes). Landes is really hot for a 40 year-old!