Saturday, February 14

What to get a Gay Man to Valentine's Day

With all the adding the word 'man' to everything like man-purse, man-scape and the insufferable 'man up!', this year women are concerned about what to get their men for Valentine's Day. I saw an old episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," in which Sabrina didn't know what to get her boyfriend Havery and her aunt had suggested a romantic gondola ride on the Milky Way. Many people suggest getting lingerie or editable underwear for the woman to show off to her man. But what does a person get when they are just starting dating and not yet engaging in sexual relationship or what to get a gay man? Now, an ingorant person would say you could get a gay guy a purse or dress, but that's not the case.

Chocolates, always good, but now in this day of high sugar, carbs, transfats, and cavities, most nlikely candy will not be received well.

Cards, the best thing. Time tested and mother approved.

Flowers, now here it can get tricky. Roses are acceptable but at best one rose is appropriate. A bouquet is too much if you just starting dating. But, of course, if you are both in a long-term relationship for years and out and open, a bouquet is fine.

Sexy underwear is also acceptable.