Wednesday, July 25

Super Mario and Luigi's Various Power-Ups

My nephew has many interests: Power Rangers, Transformers, Monster Trucks, and so on but he also likes Super Mario. I wanted to make stock of all the modes. In the 29 years Mario has been around he and his brother have collected quite a number of modes:
Fire Mario/Luigi
One of the earliest modes. Fire Flowers are one of the many power-ups obtainable in the Mario series. The Fire Flower turns Mario into Fire Mario, giving him the ability to throw bouncing fireballs at the enemy. The Fire Flower first appeared in Super Mario Bros. Fire Mario's classic form was the first time Mario got a red shirt. Now, he has red pants, just like the classic Mario.

Invincible Mario/Rainbow Mario
The Super Star has been used since Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario Bros. 3, Invincible Mario's jump looks similar to Sonic's in that they both curl into a ball and front-flip multipletimes. It can't be found in bosses. The Rainbow Mario from Super Mario Galaxy, is a refrence to this form, having pretty much every ability that this form has. This form might be called by some people Ultra Mario. 

Raccoon Mario/Luigi
Also known as Tail Mario or Raccoon Tail Mario is one of Mario's Power-Ups that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, then returned in a game called New Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Leaf is used for this power-up. In this game, Mario can fly and attack enemies with his tail.

Tanooki Mario
Tanooki Mario is from Super Mario Bros. 3 after Mario grabs the Tanooki Suit.  Even foes (Goomba, Thwomp, etc) can be in a Tanooki form. The suit allows Mario to fly, falling down slowly and the ability to whack things, all three with his tail. The Tanooki Suit also adds the ability to turn into a statue and escape enemies for a limit of time before turning back into Tanooki Mario. When turning into a Statue in the air, it falls down and does similar like a Thwomp. The suit is based on the tanuki, a Raccoon Dog native to Japan which features heavily in Japanese mythology. The statue has the general appearance of Jizō, with Mario's moustache. 

Tanooki Luigi
In Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's tanooki form is actually a kitsune version. His suit is honey-colored and resembles to a fox rather than a raccoon. 

Frog Suit
The Frog Suit is a power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario dons a green frog suit, complete with eyes bulging out of the top of his head. This power up allows Mario to further control his swimming, however, his speed on ground is decreased, although the height Mario achieves by jumping has been increased. 

Hammer Mario
The Hammer Suit power-up is a suit which first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, and is the rarest suit in Super Mario Bros 3. As Hammer Mario, Mario can throw hammers, which can damage certain enemies (ie: Boos) which cannot normally be attacked. The hammers, unlike fireballs, fly in a parabolic arc. This makes it sometimes difficult to aim the attack, but it usually does not present much of a problem. The Hammer Suit is also the only power-up able to kill Bowser without having to trick him into falling into the floor.

Hammer Mario/Luigi
Hammer Mario can, just like the Hammer Bro., throw hammers. Not only that, Hammer Mario is also invulnerable to most Fire attacks. This was the rarest Power-Up in it's debut. 

Rabbit Mario 
 is a form Mario can become in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins by touching a Carrot. Rabbit Mario has rabbit ears coming out of his hat. When in the air, holding A button can slow his descent, and repeatedly mashing it can lead to a quasi-fluttering of the ears which can keep the player level in the air as the player proceeds through the level. Also, holding A button while on the ground causes Mario to hop continuously. Rabbit Mario also lacks the ability to Spin Jump. In the second part of the final battle of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Wario becomes Rabbit Wario and uses the same powers as Rabbit Mario to battle the hero. 

Superball Mario 
is one of Mario's many forms. This particular version is only found in Super Mario Land. Mario becomes Superball Mario by grabbing a Flower. There is no visual transformation, and even artwork (as seen to the right) depicts Mario as wearing his normal clothes. Superball Mario gains the ability to throw Superballs at enemies, or use them to collect coins. This superfically resembles Fire Mario throwing fireballs, however the balls do not bounce along the ground, but fly away in a fixed direction until they hit another surface and bounce in a different direction. Also, only one superball can be in the screen at any one time, and the Player can only make Mario toss a superball again if it touches Mario, goes offscreen or is destroyed. 

Cape Feather
Cape Feathers allow Mario or Luigi to fly and jump very high after getting a running start. It can also allow Mario or Luigi the ability to float down like a parachute. The Feather is used in Super Mario Kart as an item a driver could collect from Item Boxes throughout the race courses. 

Wing Mario
The Wing Cap is a hat used by Mario in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. It enables him to fly after Triple Jumping or launching out of a cannon. only mario can use this power up. 

Shell Mario
 Mario can access this form by putting on a Blue Shell. Shell Mario can act like a Koopa Shell. He slides on the ground when he gains enough speed. While sliding, he breaks and bounces of every Brick Block and wall. the downside is that Mario cannot control the shell when sliding. He still can jump and stop whenever he wants, but moving goes automatic. This could lead to that Mario falls into abysses. The only appearance of Shell Mario and Shell Luigi is New Super Mario Bros. To use the shell, the bro must keep running.

Boomerang Mario 
is a transformation introduced in the Nintendo 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land. It is based on the Boomerang Bro., making it similar to Hammer Mario, which is based on the Hammer Bro.. Mario becomes Boomerang Mario after obtaining a Boomerang Flower. With the Boomerang suit, Mario can throw one boomerang at a time to defeat enemies, destroy projectiles, and collect items from a distance.  Mario can also jump to dodge the boomerang to allow it to move back and forth continuously before collecting it. 

Metal Mario
Metal Mario is the result of Mario gaining a metal cap. They may look the same, and have the same name, but Metal Mario is a whole character. First appears in Super Mario 64 and various games after that.

Boo Mario
This form first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy in the Ghostly Galaxy. If Mario obtains a Boo Mushroom, he will turn into Boo Mario. Boo Mario can float by pressing the A button and turn himself invisible by spinning the Wii Remote, making Boo Mario go through solid walls. If he flies into a light, he turns into regular Mario. The Boos in the area that Boo Mario is in will become infatuated and follow him around. The Boo Mushroom also appears in Haunty Halls Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. 

Spring Mario
Spring Mario is one of Mario's forms in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. After obtaining a Spring Mushroom, Mario will be encased in a spring. While Mario will no longer be able to walk, meaning he has to bounce and controls are more slippery, Mario will be able to jump much higher than normal.

Flying Mario
Flying Mario is a form taken by Mario in Super Mario Galaxy. It is first used when Mario returns to the Gateway Galaxy to collect 100 Purple Coins. This power-up's uses are quite minimal, since without hacking, it can only be used at the Comet Observatory and the Gateway Galaxy. Also, the power-up does not return in Super Mario Galaxy 2, though the form is in the programming. Strangely, Flying Mario cannot access the planet containing the Trial Galaxies on his own. Mario will hit an invisible wall and fall back down to the Comet Observatory. This was most likely done to prevent the player from using Flying Mario to get to the Trial Galaxies before getting the 3 Green Power Stars. 

Flying Squirrel Mario/Luigi
Flying Squirrel Mario is a new transformation of Mario's in New Super Mario Bros. U. This new transformation can be obtained by getting the Acorn Mushroom, and can be used by any player (therefore, Luigi, for example, can use it). 

Ice Mario/Luigi
Ice Mario is one of Mario's Power-Ups. Mario can access this form by using an Ice Flower or a Frozen Mushroom. There are two variations of Ice Mario, one debuting in Super Mario Galaxy (also known as Frozen Mario) and the other in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Ice Mario looks like the Classic Mario in Mario Bros. The only difference is that the blue is more cyan. 

Frozen Mario/Luigi
In he Super Mario Galaxy, the"Frozen Mario" version of Ice Mario makes small ice platforms on any sort of liquid (water, poison, lava) and even quicksand and waterfalls. However, the ice disappears for a short time. When Mario doesn't walk while the ice disappears, he ends up going in the liquid. However, walking on it again makes the ice appear. Frozen Mario turns into Super Mario when being hit by any sort of fire, or after approximately 20 seconds. You need the Ice Mushroom.

Bee Mario
Bee Mario can fly a bit. When a special meter for this is empty, he cannot fly anymore until he touches the ground. Bee Mario can also stand on flowers and climb on honey. However, when touching water, Bee Mario will turn back to normal. You need this power-up to battle a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. 

Spin Drill
The Spin Drill is a power-up that first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It allowed Mario to drill though planets as he carried it around the stage. He is able to drill through dirt and he can go inside of the planets or underground to find items. Mario cannot do Ground Pounds or Long Jumps because he is carrying the drill. 

Cloud Mario/Luigi
Cloud Mario is a powered-up version of Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Description  When Mario or Luigi touch the Cloud Flower they will power up into the cloud suit. They can jump higher and farther without spinning. The power-up comes with three clouds that can be used to get to heights not previously accessible. By spinning, Mario or Luigi can deploy a cloud that will stay in use for ten seconds, then disappear. If the cloud is touched by a Bullet Bill or any other missile, they will disappear. If they are deployed in front of a fan, they will move in the direction of the wind current. 

Penguin Mario
 is the form of Mario in a Penguin Suit. This suit has first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The suit is helpful for walking on slippery ice, sliding (which allows the player to slide into nearly anything and destroy it; this is useful when wanting to get into secret areas), faster swimming (similar to the Frog Suit), and the player can throw Ice Balls, like Ice Mario. The suit makes a cameo appearance in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, where the suit is unlockable for Miis. 

Rock Mario/Luigi
Rock Mario is one of Mario's transformations in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This transformation turns Mario into a rock, who will roll until he hits an enemy or an object/obstacle. It is one of the newest power-ups ever known. 

Propeller Mario
Propeller Mario is one of Mario, Luigi and the Blue/Yellow Toads' powerups in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This powerup allows the four to spin up to higher levels than they regularly could. 

 Cosmic Mario/Luigi
Cosmic Mario (or Cosmic Luigi when playing as Luigi) is a Star Bit filled version of Mario (or Luigi) in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D land . He resembles Shadow Mario and Cosmic Clones.

Bullet Mario
Mario can access this form by putting on a Bullet Suit. Bullet Mario can break Brick Blocks and Solid Blocks in it's way, when he can act like a Bullet Bill after a special technique. However, when it hits any wall, ground or ceiling, he can't act like a Bullet Bill anymore and stops accelerating, but still is Bullet Mario. This is risky if there is nothing down there. Bullet Mario was made by another company than the company that made the game where this Power-Up debuted in. Though it's appearance is different, a very similar power-up appears in most Mario Kart games. 

Mole Mari
o is a new Mario power up. With the Mole Suit equipped, Mario looks like a Monty Mole. Mario can dig under ground (similar to Drill Mario) and bite through trees. No one knows why this is but its possible due to his similarity to a Beaver. 

Thwomp Mario 
It is one of Mario's Power-Ups after getting the Thwomp Mushroom that turns Mario into a Thwomp. This transformation is considered as a "companion" ability to Whomp Mario. It makes it's appearance in New Super Mario Bros. VR. Thwomp Mario can float a jumping height above ground and stomp just about any enemy in one shot. Mario will still loose the Thwomp ability once he hits an enemy, although on less on purpose, it is pretty hard to die from an abyss with Thwomp Mario. 

Gold Mario
Gold Mario is a form debuting in New Super Mario Bros. 2, acquired by grabbing a Gold Flower. In this form, Mario can shoot big golden fireballs and Luigi can shoot big silver fireballs, defeating any enemy or breaking any block they touch, turning them into coins. In Luigi's case, he becomes a glowing statue made of pure silver (Silver Luigi).

White Raccoon Mario 
is a special form of Raccoon Mario that Mario and Luigi will be able to obtain in New Super Mario Bros. 2.  To turn into this form, Mario will need to get an Invincibility Leaf, which is found inside an Assist Block. In this state, the plumber gets a shiny, white and yellow outfit. It seems to be the equivalent of White Tanooki Mario, from Super Mario 3D Land in which Mario turns invincible. 

Bowser Mario
Mario takes the Bowser Mushroom to access this form. This form makes an appearance in the sidescrolling game, Super Mario Bros. 2010. Bowser Mario can breathe big fireballs and is allowed to shell slide when running fast enough. He couldn't be stomped because of the big spikes on the carapace. However, Bowser Mario runs much slower than Super Mario, and jumps much lower. AppearanceEdit  Bowser Mario looks like Mario in a Bowser-like suit - complete with bracelets, shell Mario was wearing a Bowser-like suit yet earlier, in the Mario Party series. The Very first one was, obviously, the first Mario Party, only in some Minigames. This suit looked more like Bowser, but was missing the head. In Mario Party 2 and 3, this returns, but also as an item called just Bowser Suit. In Mario Party 4, the Suit changed to a Mushroom, but looked different. Finally, in Mario Party 8, a special kind of Candy could make Mario into a Bowser-like suit, which included the head for a change, but looked more cheap and custom.

Chicken Mario
The Chicken Suit is a beta suit that was going to appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but it got removed. It later reappeared in New Super Mario Bros. VR as one of the new power-ups.   This form lets Mario shoot flaming egg-like projectiles (that act like Fireballs) and gives Mario the ability to slowly fall, like that of Mini Mario. Chicken Mario also appears in Super Mario Bros. and the 5 Magic Stars where it has the same abilities.  While never revealed or used in the game, a power-up that appears to be a chicken suit was originally intended to be in the game. Concept art of the suit had been discovered though its purpose or effects on the characters who were to use it is unknown.

Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario is an evil doppelgänger of Mario. He makes his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine as Mario's enemy. In all of the levels of Super Mario Sunshine, the player must chase Shadow Mario, squirting him with F.L.U.D.D.. It is eventually revealed that Shadow Mario is Bowser Jr., Bowser's son, and that the device he uses to vandalise the island was made by E. Gadd, F.L.U.D.D.'s creator.